Make smarter decisions every day.

It all starts with insights.

Executives make game-changing decisions when they have access to the best information. But getting high-quality research and analytics requires time and resources. This leads many to rely on traditional sources of research — some focused on data and others focused on advice.

But that's not always what they need.

What executives really need to be successful in the long term is access to a team of dedicated analysts who work as extensions of their in-house teams. 

Enter The Smart Cube.

We believe all companies should have access to insight that helps them establish a competitive advantage. Through our unique, out-tasked approach to research and analytics, we deliver customized analyst support so executives are armed with the best information to make more confident business decisions — every day

From choosing the right asset allocation to building a solid marketing strategy to optimizing the supply chain, executives rely on us to provide the essential research and analytics that keep them informed.

That's why 85% of our client relationships are retainer-based.

The Smart Cube delivers customized support across five key areas:

  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Financial Services
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Management Consulting

From startups to the top of the Fortune 100, in offices on every continent, we work with businesses to research, analyze and deliver the insights to help them build their futures. 

  • With a global reach and a team of hundreds of expert researchers and analysts, The Smart Cube can deliver actionable information that isn't available anywhere else. 

  • Learn about the team that combined more than 60 years of research and consulting experience to create The Smart Cube. 

  • We seek to be more than a global leader in research and analytics. Every day, we strive and challenge ourselves to provide exemplary client service to our partners around the world. 

  • The world has given our firm the resources that have been instrumental in building The Smart Cube. It is our duty to return the favor by contributing our time and resources to great causes that better our world. 

  • All across the world, we have helped our clients build their own success stories. See how our team has delivered critical support to help them reach — and exceed — their goals.

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“I really enjoy working with everybody at The Smart Cube. You have inculcated a unique, humble, customer focused, and very pleasant working style. I am very happy to see you taking research and analytics out of a traditional mold. ”

- Founding Partner, Mid-size Management Consulting Firm

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