Insight, with a stronger point of view. 

The Smart Cube has a unique skill set among research firms. Our 600+ team of analysts deliver more in-depth insight because they bring together primary and secondary research, financial research, quantitative analytics as well as data analytics. Unlike our competitors, we rely on a wide variety of sources, tools and techniques that we produce to deliver better insights to our clients — not simply off-the-shelf reports. As a result, our clients get customized, actionable takeaways they can't get anywhere else.

Research and analytics, customized for the company. 

Research only has impact if it's not "one size fits all." We partner with our clients to ensure the work we produce for them is customized to their unique needs.

  • How we meet the specific needs of our clients
    Answering tough business questions requires rigor and attention to detail. For every assignment, we assemble a team of analysts with the technical skill sets you need to provide more meaningful results. Select a scenario above to see how we do it.

  • Task: A leading UK based retail chain needed an effective promotion strategy for its product categories.

    Result: We developed an ROI estimation tool. Implementation of the revised promotion strategies, based on our analysis, is expected to produce £40 million in benefits over the next three years.

    Scenario #1
  • Task: A top global healthcare company was seeking a partner for their procurement transformation journey.

    Result: We conducted extensive secondary and primary research. Our insights and analytics supported stronger decision-making and improved visibility into sourcing activities.

    Scenario #2
  • Task: A hedge fund needed a trading strategy to manage the price decrease of a specific commodity.

    Result: We worked closely with the client team to develop an optimized portfolio of long positions on stocks that would benefit the most from the decline in the price of the commodity.

    Scenario #3

Research and analytics that covers the world. 

We speak and conduct research in all of the world's languages. Our analyst team is stationed around the globe — in established and emerging markets — to enhance our coverage. As a result, our clients get a "boots on the ground" view that helps them explore opportunities everywhere.


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“The Smart Cube is the true definition of a partner. Their commitment to client service is evident through the extremely dedicated analyst and account management team, as well as the senior leadership team’s involvement on the account. I have worked with a number of offshore teams in the past, and TSC has a team of thinkers, not just do-ers.”

- Global Business Advisory Firm

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