The face of the global chemicals industry is evolving fast, as the US shale gas boom drives the industry’s supply base. Moreover, demand continues to shift base to emerging markets, propelled by rising consumerism and industrialization. Shorter product lifecycles, increasing product commoditization, rising price volatility, and high end-user demand are major challenges for chemical companies.

Such rising complexities have necessitated the use of customized insights for industry players to stay ahead of the game. As industry players strive to drive growth—by developing new products for emerging markets, cutting costs, and streamlining supply chains—and adopt go-to-market strategies, such as undertaking sustainability initiatives, in-depth intel has become imperative to gain a competitive advantage.

Chemicals businesses trust The Smart Cube to deliver comprehensive industry insights and formulate customized strategies.

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Client: A leading materials science company.

Task: Assess the market dynamics of conventional acetone and bio-acetone, and evaluate how increased demand for bio-acetone will impact conventional acetone.

Solution: We analyzed global and regional markets, market trends, key players, and production technology to prepare a 10-year market forecast.

Result: The client gained a clear understanding of the current acetone market and leveraged the forecast to formulate its future strategies.

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“Thanks for the intermediate output. Some interesting facts have already been captured. The slides on sourcing models are brilliant and we have been looking for something exactly like this.”

- Head of Global Energy Trading, Global Chemical Manufacturer

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