Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector will witness major changes in the future. With lower overall demand for oil, combined with robust volume from the Middle East and US shale producers, prices have dropped significantly. As a result, investors are cautious about making plays in the market. At the same time, demand for alternative energy sources and new environmental regulations have forced energy and utilities companies to change their technology and production methods.

With this market uncertainty, companies need customized insights to help them prepare for the future. And determining a better energy mix requires in-depth research and analysis. Business leaders who are aware of trends that will impact production and demand will not only be able to mitigate risks, but also gain an edge over their competitors.

Producers in the energy and utilities industry trust The Smart Cube to deliver research and analysis tailored specifically to meet their needs.

How We Made a Difference

Client: A leading utilities company.

Task: Forecast movement of WTI crude oil prices for the next two years.

Solution: We conducted secondary research and identified independent variables driving crude oil prices to build and test a forecast.

Result: The client was able to identify potential risks to their operations and put appropriate risk-mitigation strategies in place.

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“As usual, outstanding work on the fabrication study. Your work has significantly helped us build our strategy.”

- Commercial and Planning Lead, Leading Oil & Gas Company

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