Manufacturing & Industrials

Manufacturing & Industrials

As manufacturing and industrial businesses continue to evolve their technologies, R&D has becomes a critical focus area. With the presence of so many competitors, the demand for game-changing innovation is really high. Manufacturers must forecast market needs, keep track of competitors, and find greater efficiencies to maintain profitability and be viewed as leaders. Moreover, there is a new, growing demand for products that are not only sustainable, but also from producers that promise a genuine commitment to sustainability. 

To keep up with — and surpass — these different demands, manufacturing and industrial companies need greater access to in-depth research and analysis, which is customized to meet their business-specific needs. This research can guide businesses on everything, from formulating new strategies to identifying emerging production markets. And through a continued partnership with a research team, manufacturers can give themselves a competitive advantage as they move toward a technologically advanced future. 

The Smart Cube works with the world’s leading manufacturing and industrial businesses to deliver the research and analysis they need.

How We Made a Difference 

Client: A leading engineering company. 

Task: Create a cost model for a new cable harnesses based on a working prototype.

Solution: We conducted extensive research, including prototype disassembly, on-site visits, and interviews with harness manufacturers and suppliers providing parts for the prototype. This data was then analyzed to prepare a detailed cost model.

Result: The client was able to leverage the cost model we developed to determine target pricing for suppliers.

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