Metals & Mining

Metals & Mining

Being highly influential, the metals and mining industry is often used to gauge the health of the global economy. Over the past several years, this industry has seen a shift in the global setting, reflective of the challenges the economy has been facing as a whole — because of which environmental and cost concerns have taken center stage.

When the industry attempted to enforce cost-cutting measures and shift its focus to clean technologies, new concerns surrounding labor emerged. Additionally, debts of two of the industry’s largest consumers, the US and China, increased substantially.

Despite these challenges, there are growth opportunities for companies that can adapt to market changes and factor in continued volatility.

The Smart Cube provides research and analysis specific to major industry players at every stage of the supply chain. 

How We Made a Difference

Client: A leading building materials company.

Task: Forecast the movement of steel prices in Northern Europe to understand risk exposure.

Solution: We identified the variables affecting the price of hot-rolled coil steel and analyzed the historical correlation between it and the variables impacting price. Using this data, we built an 18-month forecast of steel prices.

Result: Using our forecast, the client was able to identify potential risks to its steel procurement and develop risk-mitigation strategies in advance.

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