Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

As the pharmaceuticals industry approaches another patent cliff, businesses are aggressively pursuing new efficiencies and revenue sources. The industry is moving toward biologics, personalized medicines, and new technologies, and all these are areas that offer growth opportunities. But with the decline in R&D productivity, developing these new products and services, without sacrificing quality, will require the creative use of available resources. 

Pharmaceutical businesses are seeking insights into trends to better understand the markets they serve. As the patient population gets more sophisticated and segmented, the industry is placing its trust in targeted data. And with an ongoing commitment to research and analytics, the pharmaceutical industry can continue to evolve at every stage of the supply chain.

The Smart Cube provides insights that leading pharmaceutical companies can use to expand their businesses — every day.

How We Made a Difference 

Client: A leading biopharmaceutical company.

Task: Analyze production costs for monoclonal antibodies to prepare for contract negotiations with potential manufacturers.

Solution: We researched the production process and confirmed the average market price to produce a gram of the antibodies. We then identified primary cost drivers and developed a model with a breakdown by cost type. 

Result: The client held a major advantage throughout the negotiation process and was better able to assess potential manufacturing partners.

The pharmaceuticals industry trusts in The Smart Cube for comprehensive research and analysis.

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“The study is really excellent. It's very well researched and presented, and it fully covers the scope. Please accept our highest appreciation for this great piece of work. Very well done.”

- Global Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

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