Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement & Supply Chain

We Help You Buy Better

The Smart Cube has worked with businesses around the world to strengthen their procurement and supply chain capabilities. Our analysts work as extensions of our clients’ teams.

By identifying possibilities and uncovering efficiencies, we assist our clients in reducing costs and expanding their scope of business. 

Where We Make the Difference:

Category Management

Empower your category managers to act more strategically and realize the highest value for the lowest total cost. 

CPO Decision Support

Give your team the strategies, dashboards and insights needed to make the decisions that drive growth.

Procurement Finance

Bolster your team’s financial and quantitative capabilities to help your procurement and finance departments.

Procurement Operations

Track the effectiveness and efficiency of your procurement process, and learn where operational improvements can be made.

Supply Chain Analytics

Harness the power of analytics to discover value and deliver results across your supply chain. 

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