Commodities in focus: will Europe’s drought deepen the global food and energy crisis?

19 October 2022 15:00

The drought in Europe may be the worst in 500 years.

Europe’s ongoing drought is having a serious impact on food production at a time when there is already a food crisis and energy costs are soaring due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In the next installment of our ‘Commodity in Focus’ webinar series, our experts will discuss the impact of the drought on gas and food prices.

During the webinar, we will explore:

– The energy crisis: an overview plus the natural gas outlook and expected impact on key categories
– The drought crisis: an overview plus the outlook for corn, sunflower oil, milk and its derivatives
– Q&A: an opportunity to have your questions answered by our experts

The webinar will be hosted by Sidharth Kalia with our commodities experts Nishita Sharma and Kumar Amit presenting their insights.