Consultant – Advanced Analytics

Roles and responsibilities

Client Management

  • Work as a thought partner with the client, maintain and grow the client relationship; make independent key decisions related to client management
  • Be able to manage multiple stakeholders involved in the project, by understanding their business problem, discussing the project scope, getting clarity on the business context/data/process etc., and reviewing deliverable
  • Attend various client meetings and be able to independently assess how TSC can support the project better through analytics
  • Manage client expectations in terms of delivery scope, timelines – help ensure that there is no scope creep and if there is, the timelines expectations are managed
  • Work with the client to answer questions of the offshore team and guide the project team on the next steps and way forward
  • Keep the client updated on project progress and flag any issues, roadblocks. Work pro-actively with different POC to remove the road blocks

Project Management

  • Independently manage project(s) of varying complexities, ensuring top notch quality and timeline adherence through the delivery team in India
  • Help the project teams identify, extract, organize, manage, and analyze client data. Carry out logical, accuracy and consistency checks on data, if needed
  • Work closely with the client, delivery team to identify the right analytical solution / approach / methodology to answer various client questions
  • Review the deliverables from a business perspective and help the team identify trends and key insights
  • Conduct sanity checks of analysis findings based on reasoning and past experience, and ensure that deliverables are client ready
  • Be able to take the analytical solution and design an implementation plan – move the code to the client server that interacts with client data
  • People Management
  • Help and guide team members on how to use and implement basic and advanced statistical techniques like linear/non-linear Regression, Decision Trees, Segmentation, Test Vs Control selection etc.

Technical skills

  • Expertise in R and/or Python (Basic and Advanced)
  • In-depth hands-on knowledge in using Excel/PPT and one of the data visualization tool such as Tableau
  • Expertize in various analytical techniques such as regression (log-linear, log-log, mixed effect, pooled etc.), time series analysis, EDA etc. Other Skills
  • Superior problem solving abilities and strong analytical thinking
  • A positive, enthusiastic, self -driven person with excellent communication skills
  • Mature seasoned individual comfortable in working with senior (VP, CXO) level clients

Ideal Candidate

  • 4 + years of relevant experience in Advanced Analytics across a variety of projects starting from EDA, segmentation, forecasting, predictive modeling, optimization
  • Experience in managing, cleaning and analysis of large datasets using tools such as R and Python
  • Experience of working onsite directly with senior level clients in the US or UK
  • Atleast 1-2 years of sound experience of developing analytical solutions for retail/CPG clients
  • Well rounded understanding of the retail industry as it relates to marketing, store ops, merchandizing and supply chain functions
  • Knowledge of working across multiple data types and comfort of handling large volumes of data through Teradata/Oracle etc.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques like Mixed Models, CART/CHAID, Forecasting techniques etc.
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Project management (> 2 years) and client management (> 1 year)


  • Science majors (Engineering, Statistics, Operations Research etc.) from top tier institutes