Onsite Project Lead – Advanced Analytics

What job we expect you to do:

 Project Delivery

  • Execute analytics requests in individual capacity (hands-on) as well as work very closely with the offshore team on projects, end-to-end
  • Design, develop, and implement analytical solutions and use cases based on business requirements that support key business decisions
  • Design and build technical processes to address business issues
  • Oversee the design and delivery of reports and insights that analyze business functions and key operations and performance metrics
  • Accountable for quality of delivery from TSC (including from offshore team)

Planning & Coordination

  • Track and monitor the status of all ongoing requests, keep offshore resources effectively utilized and ensure smooth management of  work pipeline
  • Articulate project requirements and client’s internal business context (e.g. business priorities, end-use, etc.) to TSC offshore team to help provide more customized insights
  • SPoC for the offshore team for all project related queries; seek and provide timely inputs/clarifications (e.g. business requirements, request prioritization, scope finalization, output format) to the offshore team
  • Assist the offshore team in getting issues( e.g. data access, platform/tool access, IT/helpdesk related, etc.) resolved

Client Management 

  • Coordinate and drive meetings with client’s internal team(s), identify their business needs and translate them into analytics projects
  • Examine, interpret and report results of analytical initiatives to stakeholders in leadership and business teams.
  • Set and manage stakeholders expectations around scope of study/requests, level of detail/granularity, delivery timelines, etc.
  • Act as onsite TSC support for client – essentially, play the role of a ‘quick analyst desk’ for client stakeholders in case of urgent requirement and help in coordination, scheduling calls, etc.
  • Share and incorporate client feedback

Account Development

  • Establish strong rapport with key client stakeholders and identify growth opportunities for TSC
  • Share inputs/ideas (based on client discussions) with the sales team that provides an opportunity to pitch/propose new work or solution that is outside of current scope of work


What skills we expect you to bring:

  • Understanding of and experience using analytical concepts and statistical techniques: hypothesis development, designing tests/experiments, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and developing actionable recommendations for business units
  • Experience and knowledge of statistical modeling techniques: GLM multiple regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering/Segmentation, Time-Series Forecasting as well as machine learning algorithms such as Random Forest, SVM, Neural Network, etc.
  • Knowledge of analytical use cases such as product recommendation engine, personalized targeting, marketing automation, Path to Purchase, Customer Journey/CLTV, Last-touch & Multi-touch marketing attribution, RFM analysis, Customer 360, etc.
  • Organize/Prepare/Manage data and conduct quality checks to ensure that the analysis dataset is ready
  • Conduct sanity checks of the analysis output based on reasoning and common sense, and be able to do a rigorous self QC, as well as of the work assigned to team members to ensure an error free output
  • Interpret the output in context of the client’s business and industry to identify trends and actionable insights
  • Be able to succinctly visualize the findings through a PPT, a BI dashboard (Tableau, Data Studio, Looker, etc.) and highlight the key takeaways from a business perspective
  • Strong SQL skills, ability to perform effective querying involving multiple tables and sub-queries
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and delegation skills

What expertise will bring added advantage?

  • Deep domain expertise, understanding of current & future trends and best practices in customer and marketing analytics

What Tools and Technologies we expect you to know?  We understand one cannot be master of all.

  • Python, SQL, Excel, and MS PowerPoint
  • Google BigQuery/GCP
  • Visualization tools such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, Einstein Analytics, Looker
  • Sales Force Marketing Cloud & CRM

How many years of experience you need?

Minimum 9+ years of relevant experience

Where will be the job location?

Client location – Miami, Florida, US