Senior Analyst – Data Engineering

What job we expect you to do:
  • Connecting, designing, scheduling, and deploying data warehouse systems
  • Developing data pipelines and enable dash boards for stakeholders and
  • Develop, construct, test and maintain system architectures
  • Create best practices for data loading and extraction
  • Doing quick POCs for any data eccentric development task


What skills we expect you to bring:
  • Candidate with at least 3 years relevant experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Tech Stack: AWS, Snowflake, Airflow, Python, Spark, Big Data and ETL Pipelines
  • Ability to work on a solution that brings in first party data from multiple sources (Ecom / website, apps, etc.) along with third party data

This data once brought together and synthesized would be used by marketing teams for personalising  consumer campaigns.

  • Ability to handle data engineering requirements for GDPR compliance
  • Experience of working on consumer data and knowledge of digital marketing use cases e.g. personalisation through Facebook / Google
  • Should have some CPG business understanding to be able to contribute right ideas 


What expertise will bring added advantage?
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Natural Language Processing


How many years of experience do you need?
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience


Where is the job location?
  • We are ready to welcome you at Noida and also open for any other location in India.