Senior Analyst – Patent

Roles & responsibilities:

  • Be a part of the team working on various research projects aiding decision making for Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 corporate, Blue Chip Consulting Firms and Global Financial Services companies
  • Understand research objectives, identify areas where patent research can be utilized, design search strategies, interpret and analyze patents for accuracy, exhaustiveness and applicability
  • Extract patents and analyze them to unearth valuable technology related information
  • Provide research and analysis on various technology domains
  • Identify trends and latest innovations using patents and marry them with the identified business trends to generate actionable insights
  • Identify the needs of the buyers in a market by understanding the innovation pattern using patents
  • Identify, benchmark and profile suppliers and partners relevant for the client based on patents
  • Conduct competitive intelligence tasks by identifying competitors, analyzing competitor patents and benchmarking them with client’s patents
  • Identify whitespaces and roadblocks in a technology domain by understanding the patent landscape
  • Identify manufacturing processes of products and their ingredients using patents