Concept Lab

Set your innovation free to perform. Our pioneering Concept Lab for consumer-facing businesses enables accelerated innovation using advanced machine learning.

In business, it’s survival of the smartest

Changing market dynamics, consumer tastes and a stack of disruptive technologies are forcing businesses to adapt.


They need to innovate – fast.


But hampered by cultural barriers, time and cost pressures, risks to business-as-usual and key skills shortages, they’re unable to respond quickly enough.

The Smart Cube Concept Lab

Innovate and test faster

That’s where we come in. Concept Lab tackles these challenges head-on, with a fusion of proprietary assets, advanced data science, agile delivery and state-of-the-art cloud-based technology. Our smarter methodologies enable you to get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. A smart experimentation ecosystem to wrestle with organisational issues and challenges using a time-boxed, cost-boxed approach.

Benefits for your business

Driving innovation

Driving innovation

Drive innovation across your organisation. Concept Lab plays a leading role in enabling results with a direct impact on your top and bottom lines.

Efficient and fast

Efficient and fast

Answer key business questions, explore data and get results in weeks and not months. Using agile analytics principles, Concept Lab puts our assets into a collaborative environment, meaning higher ROI and faster time to market.

Business-focused design

Business-focused design

Fully customised to your business. We apply our in-depth industry sector expertise and knowledge to your challenges, developing analytics frameworks powered with real commercial intelligence.

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