Customer Science

Consumers demand superior experiences from retailers. They expect speed, choice and location. How will you respond?

The challenges of a hyper-connected world

In today’s hyper-connected retail world, it’s essential to develop compelling omni-channel strategies that maximise sales and drive loyalty, with a unified customer experience across platforms.


But ever-changing customer behaviour has thrown many retailers off track. Today, it’s survival of the smartest.

In response, retailers need to evolve to deliver a joined-up brand experience that delivers for customers and the business.


Building blocks of higher performance

Customers expect an ever more personalised experience – a new level of immediacy – enabled by technology. Yet many retailers struggle to implement the systems and strategies to deliver experiences fit for today’s more impulsive consumers. Retailers need more than a simple loyalty discount to keep customers coming back. Their challenge is to overcome a mountain of customer data meticulously and ethically to drive change and deliver value.


Customer Science uses advanced data analytics to correlate customer behaviour across channels, understanding the friction points in the value chain and unlocking the value from customer data. Our dedicated team of retail specialists deliver customised modules that enhance the customer experience: correlating online and in-store activities, attributing product sales and returns to the right channel, and developing the most effective engagement strategies.

Benefits for your business

Personalisation = opportunity

Personalisation = opportunity

Our teams work with big data to identify opportunities for enriched personalisation across all touch-points, with advanced predictive analytics.

Unifying customer experience

Unifying customer experience

Our teams deploy machine learning to spot patterns in cross-channel customer journeys, helping develop comprehensive strategies to engage and retain your customers.

Customised and modular

Customised and modular

Every retailer is different – each with their own goals and challenges. Our customised approach is designed to tackle your priorities across a broad spectrum of touch-points.

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