Life Sciences Analytics

Innovate evolving businesses challenges through agile experimentation, using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Life Sciences is undergoing a major shift

The Life Sciences industry is undergoing a major shift, with growth in biotechnological innovations, innovative drug delivery mechanisms, personalised medicine and treatment, use of alternative digital data to fuel R&D, increased use of wearable medical devices and integration of AR/VR, recent discoveries on biological clocks and other healthcare technologies.


Further, change in consumer awareness, lifestyle, and shifting growth to emerging markets is forcing most companies to adapt their go-to-market strategies.


Full cycle support

We support clients in the Life Sciences sector through the full cycle of drug discovery and pre-clinical trials, drug development, manufacturing and distribution, and sales and marketing. Using our unique Concept Lab ecosystem we can deliver rapid prototyping to the most challenging questions.


Life Sciences Analytics addresses these challenges through smarter methodologies, which enable businesses to achieve outcomes faster. At its heart, the solution provides a unique blend of The Smart Cube’s proprietary assets in Life Sciences such as drug discovery simulation and optimisation engine, advanced data science skills, agile delivery methods and state-of-the-art cloud-based technology.

Benefits for your business

Driving innovation

Driving innovation

A highly versatile solution to drive innovation from drug discovery, clinical trials, supply chain to marketing with direct impact on costs and treatment outcomes.

Efficient and collaborative

Efficient and collaborative

Agile analytics enables collaboration between researchers, business stakeholders and data scientists to explore, analyse and simulate data, with results in weeks not months, meaning higher ROI and faster time to market.

Business-focused design

Business-focused design

Leverage specialists with clinical expertise, FDA knowledge, marketing and drug launch experience, along with our data scientists, to develop analytics frameworks which deliver customised solutions.

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