Protect your market share and elevate performance by optimising promotions and sales in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Understanding drives performance

Today’s tech savvy, socially connected, mobile enabled customers are demanding more from retailers – so it’s essential to have a deep understanding of your product portfolio. This understanding enables higher performance: optimising product ranges, fixing price points, setting promotions and establishing inventory strategies that keep pace with customer demand.


Retailers need relevance, with the right products for each customer segment, all adjusted to geographical nuances. And optimal range planning and product selection impacts distribution and replenishment across physical and digital stores. Today’s merchandising teams need to constantly monitor, manage and improve category performance: with the right product, in the right place and time at the right price. Our advanced data science makes this happen, delivering sustainable results and ensuring revenue gains.


Get to the heart of the challenge

Our unique, modular approach supports your merchandising teams, helping you identify high-impact issues, growth opportunities, customer pushback and localised retail trends. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, we examine a range of data including sales, store attributes, customer profiles and planograms, to determine your optimal range, help build promotions and manage category dynamics. Our Supply Chain modules help with allocation and replenishment strategies to implement dynamic category plans.

Benefits for your business

Improved product performance

Improved product performance

Category buyers and managers will improve overall performance with better range and assortment planning, along with optimal price and promotions strategies.

Predictive not reactive

Predictive not reactive

Our advanced machine learning algorithms keep you ahead of changing market and consumer trends, helping you to predict the impact of your category decisions and build a future-proof merchandising plan.

Profit gains

Profit gains

Improve your category planning with the right allocation and replenishment strategies at store-product level and the result is clear: smart, effective merchandise planning will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Case study : Tranforming merchandising ROI

Helping a leading US automotive parts retailer to improve merchandising and store performance.

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