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Adapt and re-invent to survive. We help retail to evolve and thrive in a constantly changing, always-on world.

Retail is in flux

As it adapts and re-invents itself to keep pace with consumer demand, it faces significant cost pressures in high street stores. Customer experience and expectation are shifting. Meanwhile, it’s a challenge to get a clear view of store performance, with complex operational structures and fragmented legacy systems.


For some, beset by problems with channel silos, it’s a struggle to optimise daily operations. Our store operations solution uses advanced machine learning to spot operational friction points, from labour allocation and store design, to inventory management and loss prevention. Our predictive recommendations provide strategies to increase sales, reduce operational costs and transform your customer experience.


Benefits for your business

Reduce operational friction

Reduce operational friction

Stay ahead of the issues and respond quickly. Our anomaly detection algorithms and automated alerts can help you manage risks around shrinkage, stock-outs and staff shortages before they impact.

Optimisation through insight

Optimisation through insight

Plan your optimal store design, inventory, execution and workforce using our predictive recommendations driven by advanced machine learning algorithms.

Design stores of the future

Design stores of the future

Trial new store formats and layouts to keep you ahead of the curve. Our potent mix of simulation, scenario planning, test and learn, and advanced data science is brought to life by industry specialists.

Delivered through a flexible portal


Imagine a better way to adapt and respond faster to your constantly changing environment.  Our Store Operations solution can be delivered through a bespoke interactive portal, dedicated to you.  Delivering a 360⁰ view of what you need at the touch of a button. Customised elements you might want to see include:


  • Loss prevention
  • Workforce management
  • Store performance
  • Stock management
  • Store layout and design optimization
  • Facilities management

Case study : Assessing the impact of campaigns and store initiatives

A leading UK-based retail chain wanted to scientifically assess the impact of campaigns and store initiatives such as layout changes, on footfall, sales and profits.

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