Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape has changed significantly for global banks. Navigate it successfully with accurate, automated, streamlined risk solutions.

Navigate the regulatory landscape

The new regulatory world is placing significant demands on the financial sector.


Unprecedented challenges abound – from managing risks to implementing cost-effective policies that comply with the latest laws and regulations. From handling tighter capital and liquidity requirements and keeping conduct risk under control, to embedding good governance, it all has to be done while ensuring business as usual.


Tackling these organisational challenges is a business critical issue for market and credit risk teams.


Your cure for regulatory headaches

The Smart Cube’s unique solution is underpinned by a combination of domain knowledge (across CCAR, BASEL and IFRS9), robust quant techniques, state-of-the-art technology, credit models and a team of industry experts. We offer a range of regulatory reporting tools and domain-specific modules designed for risk modelling and reporting in banking. We work with you to customise our solution to your needs, you’ll find it straightforward to integrate into your existing risk management processes.


An innovative and modular approach to regulatory risk measurement and reporting, we help you to automate the process – implementing, validating and documenting risk models with higher accuracy and quicker turnaround.

Benefits for your business

Access to specialists

Access to specialists

Utilise access to specialist talent and tech such as quant research specialists, data scientists and technical writers together with our proprietary derivative prices, advance risk models and macro frameworks.

Higher data accuracy

Higher data accuracy

Our standardised risk models and intelligent solutions deliver better quality data.

Timely and accurate

Timely and accurate

Working in partnership with you, we’ll help you to create a powerful, enterprise-wide risk analytics platform.

Case study : Regulatory support for a US bank

Specialist skills and experience helped a leading US bank address a range of regulatory and compliance requirements.

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