The objective of this experiment is to develop a next best action recommendation system that leverages HCPs profiles, contextual information and past interactions to provide MRs with intelligent recommendations on the most suitable actions to take at each stage of their engagement journey with HCPs.

The next best action recommendation system assists pharmaceutical companies in their digital transformation journey by prioritising digital modes of communication and decreasing the number of physical visits. It also supports in analysing the impact of digital transformation by comparing the sales conversion rate before and after using the system’s recommendations.

Business use cases and applications

The next best action recommendation system has several business use cases in the healthcare domain. Some of the key use cases include:

  • Content personalisation: The next best action recommendation system suggests appropriate marketing and educational content to share with HCPs during meetings or through digital channels based on the HCP’s speciality and their past interactions.
  • Meeting scheduling and prioritisation: Marketing teams can utilise the next best action recommendation system to seek suggestions on most suitable times and communication channels for engagements with HCPs.
  • Follow-up and nurturing: The next best action recommendation system provides suggestions for follow-up actions and engagement strategies, whether it’s sending additional information, arranging product demonstrations, or setting up a meeting with HCPs.
  • Sales funnel optimisation: MRs can benefit from recommendations provided by the next best action recommendation systems to navigate HCPs through the sales funnel efficiently.
  • Performance monitoring and KPI tracking: The next best action recommendation system tracks the success of previous actions and campaigns, and provides insights for ongoing engagements.

These are just a few examples highlighting the business applications of a next best action recommendation system. The adaptability and effectiveness of such systems render them invaluable assets for marketing teams operating in the healthcare sector.

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