Build a rewarding career

The Smart Cube is a great place to build a rewarding career in a variety of disciplines, in all sorts of amazing locations across Europe, Asia and North America. Join us, grow with us, and who knows where it could take you. Become a #SmartCuber


Life of a SmartCuber

Here are some photos of all the great things we get up to here at The Smart Cube, if you like what you see then browse our open vacancies and start your journey today.


Everyone who works with us is a partner in our decision-making and we strive to ensure everybody’s voice is heard. We prioritise transparency and openness, so our people are always the first to hear about important news and developments. These are just some of the reasons why we have been recognised as a Great Place to Work for three years in a row.

To attract and retain the best people, we train, empower, reward and recognise everyone. From job rotation to career progression, our customised training programmes, knowledge-sharing sessions, certifications, recognition programmes, and diverse global client base create countless opportunities to improve, change and expand what you do.

When you join, you’ll be welcomed into an environment with endless opportunities to help you achieve your aspirations, make a difference, and grow. We provide opportunities to work on-site with our clients, internally between teams, and internationally across our locations – so there’s always someone or something new to experience and learn from.

Everyone deserves the same opportunities. We value the skills and insights of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a global business and an inclusive employer, we value, respect and build on our diversity. By actively engaging different perspectives and providing equal opportunities to everyone, we aim to build an enriching environment for all.

Our company values

  • Excellence

    We go the extra mile — for our clients and our colleagues

  • Respect

    We value all ideas and approaches, not simply our own

  • Humility

    We know we don’t know everything, and we work together to know as much as we can

  • Honesty

    We are transparent; what you see is what you get

  • Openness

    We listen and encourage open dialogue across the organisation

  • Fairness

    We don’t judge or discriminate

  • Collaboration

    We know the power of the team is greater than any individual 

  • Ownership

    We own the task and are committed to delivering

What you can expect from us

  • Flexibility and time off: We encourage our employees to spend quality time with their families and pursue their creative interests. Our flexible work timings, work-from-home policy and generous annual vacation allowance help our employees maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Training and development: Our employees can access multiple short and long-term development resources, designed to help them develop new skills, achieve new certifications and grow during their professional journey with us.
  • Healthcare benefits: We put a strong focus on physical and mental wellbeing at The Smart Cube. From family health insurance to unique internal wellness initiatives, we do all we can to keep our people happy, healthy and safe.
  • Childcare: We support our employees through this momentous phase of life by offering childcare benefits that include generous leave periods for new parents, flexible work schedules and transition support when they return to work.
  • Financial assistance: We provide financial assistance programmes to support our employees through any kind of crisis by offering timely intervention to help tide them over in an emergency.
  • Making a difference: Through our extensive community outreach programmes, our employees have numerous opportunities to volunteer, donate and make a difference to those in need.

Before joining The Smart Cube, I had high expectations of the firm's capabilities, leadership, and culture. Not only has my experience met those expectations - it's exceeded them in every way.

Marcy Bucci

The thing I've loved most about working at The Smart Cube is that I've always been given opportunities to take on new challenges and develop new skills. The teams are all given chances to grow both personally and professionally, which means a huge amount to us all.

Avishek Ghose

As The Smart Cube has evolved, I've had the opportunity to evolve with it - gaining skills across PR, communications, content generation, and sales enablement. The dynamic nature of the company has kept me engaged, and significantly improved my skillset.

Jenny Rushforth

When I was restarting my career after a break, I was looking for a workplace that was intellectually stimulating, employee-friendly, and committed to quality. In The Smart Cube, I found all three - and more.

Ankita Juneja

Over the past 13 years, I've worn many different hats at The Smart Cube - from starting out as a research analyst, to heading up our global solutions function. It's been an incredible learning experience, and I've built up relationships, skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

Prerna Dhawan