Equity Research

Expand the reach and depth of your equity research with our expert analysts and supporting analytical tools

Equity Research at a glance:

  • Expertise on-demand brings years of experience to your team, with sector specialist analysts able to support the entire spectrum of equity research tasks.
  • State-of-the-art modelling with sector-specific financial models, valuation templates and validation tools to ensure the accuracy and depth of your research.
  • Cutting-edge analytics to help you gain fresh insights more quickly from news, social media, earning transcripts, surveys and more.
  • Automated data extraction for swift access to financial and operating data, as well as macro and sector-specific datasets from third-party sources.
  • Advanced, versatile reporting to support different investment audiences, plus ready-to-use, customisable templates to make sharing insights faster and easier.
  • One-stop solution for investment banks through our transaction advisory services focusing on equity capital markets and M&A.

Drive more value from your equity research

Driving growth and profitability in equity research is never easy. Especially when so much time is spent modelling, tracking the news and writing reports, taking away time from the high-value and client-oriented face-to-face tasks that drive revenue.

To meet today’s evolving internal and external expectations, equity research teams need to:

  • Reach new audiences by expanding stock coverage across sectors and geographies.

  • Connect data sources for a complete, 360-degree view of companies, financial models and valuations, including alternative data sets from social media, third party sources and bespoke surveys.

  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date insights by monitoring news and market changes to provide clients with timely information, when they need it.

  • Accelerate and automate time-consuming processes such as modelling and reporting, to spend more time on deeper analysis and face time with key clients.

Meet the new extension to your team…

Our Equity Research solution provides your teams with cost-effective access to highly-qualified and experienced analysts, so you can rest assured your analysis, modelling and reporting is in the very best hands. Our insights, experience and useful technological toolset support equity research teams, as well as transaction advisory teams focusing on equity capital raising and M&A activities. With Equity Research from The Smart Cube, you get:

  • Expert financial modelling and valuation
    Expert financial modelling and valuation

    Proven expertise in building comprehensive financial models across sectors and valuation techniques using a combination of conventional and new approaches.

  • In-depth reports and thought leadership
    In-depth reports and thought leadership

    Expertly written initiating coverage, sector and thematic reports, as well as information memorandums, which can be customised to client needs or used as white-labelled products.

  • Research continuity
    Research continuity

    Keep insights up to date with ongoing news tracking, model updates and evaluations – and share your findings via events notes, earnings previews and reviews, and roadshow presentations.

  • ESG insights
    ESG insights

    Integrate environmental, sustainability and governance factors into your investment research with in-depth and bespoke ESG analysis.

  • Latest technologies
    Latest technologies

    Automate processes, conduct in-depth analytics and combine alternative data sources to provide industry-leading insights.

How your business benefits

With Equity Research from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Ensure research quality using highly-qualified equity analysts with specialisms in financial research, modelling and advanced analytics.
  • Elevate your insights and strengthen research with alternative data sources on everything from consumer behaviour and social media analytics to supply chains and market trends.
  • Scale at will with the flexibility to add and reduce coverage whenever needed based on peaks and troughs in demand.
  • Work faster with the latest tools and technologies for expediting processes, and dedicated experts that can help improve research workflows.
  • Reduce the costs of growth with instant access to highly experienced analysts and data sets, ready to go as and when you need them.
  • Get assistance on your schedule with extended time-zone support ensuring both work efficiency and ongoing market monitoring.

How we work with you

Whether you want full analyst support, white label stock coverage, or a mix of our services and technologies, we can offer a customised combination to meet your exact business requirements.

Step 1

We work with you to make sure we understand your overall requirements and specific expectations from us.

Step 2

Liaising with your team, we get to know your current research process and identify the areas where we can help.

Step 3

We then set up the required infrastructure for you to meet your needs, with the right combination of analyst expertise and modern technology.

Step 4

A proof of concept is deployed, helping you to realise the value of our solution and enabling us to make improvements along the way.

Step 5

The process of improvement continues as we incorporate feedback and identify new opportunities for adding value to your organisation.

Why choose The Smart Cube?

When you choose Equity Research from The Smart Cube, you always get:

A stable partnership: With over 17 years’ experience in delivering high-value custom research, we’re perfectly placed to provide the stability and expertise you need.

Deep sector knowledge and expertise: We’ve researched over 5,000 companies across sectors and geographies, giving us the experience to seamlessly support clients across value chains.

More than just a service provider: We take pride in our emphasis on engagement and service quality. When you work with The Smart Cube, we become a true extension of your team – in whatever way adds the most value.

The best tools for the job: We have the data sources, analytics tools and cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to help you deliver more value, more quickly.

Additional perspectives: Our specialist teams that span functions and sectors, and our access to alternate data streams, enhance and strengthen your research insights, resulting in greater value for your clients.

Equity Research in action

White label equity solution drives research coverage effectiveness


    An independent equity research provider wanted to expand its research coverage across numerous sectors during the growth phase of its operations. The company was looking for highly experienced and skilled analysts to help initiate and maintain stock coverage in a cost-effective manner.


    We provided a white-labelled coverage solution leveraging our in-house analysts who are not only responsible for executing end-to-end equity research but also for directly dealing with end-investors. Our team comprises high-calibre and high-tenure sector experts. We also supported the client in generating additional insights through analytical tools related to consumer sentiment analysis and commodity price forecasting.


    The client’s stock and sector coverage with The Smart Cube grew by more than 3 times since the inception of engagement. Our analysts have a 12-month outperformance over Bloomberg consensus for about 60% of covered stocks.

Enabling a leading M&A advisory firm to close a billion dollar deal


    A US-based healthcare-focused M&A advisor wanted to pitch for the sale of a non-core division of a US-based multinational conglomerate and required a team of corporate finance specialists to augment the productivity of its in-house team.


    Our team supported the client across the entire deal lifecycle, including creation of the pitch book, teasers, information memorandum and management presentations as well as assisting on marketing activities post deal announcement. Additionally, we designed the presentations and improved readability with our in-house design and editorial teams.


    Our support helped the client close a billion dollar deal within 6 months and earn $3–4 million as fees. Our engagement enabled the client to focus on marketing and relationship building, while we managed the research and material preparation on their behalf.

Up to 50% improvements in equity coverage


    The client wanted a high degree of accuracy and expertise to enhance its coverage of certain key sectors in a scalable way, while reducing non-core activities.


    We delivered a one-stop solution to the client for core and non-core equity activities (such as publishing support, e-products for retail investors, automation support) through a highly-customised dedicated analyst support model across 10+ equity sectors. In addition, a flexible engagement model meant the client could access short-term and medium-term analyst capacity as required.


    The client was able to enhance coverage by 20–50% in 4 sectors and increase Desk Top Publishing (DTP) coverage/publishing time by 2.5 hrs – enhancing the availability of service by 28% every day.