Quant Analytics

Add quant analytics, mathematics and technological specialists to strengthen your quant investment teams

Quant Analytics at a glance: 

  • On-demand access to a pool of 200+ Quantitative Finance and fundamental analysis specialists including financial engineers, mathematicians, statisticians programmers and more.
  • Frequency and platform agnostic with proven expertise in UHFT (Ultra High Frequency Trading) to ULLT (Ultra Low Latency Trading), EOD (End-of-Day) and T+1 analyses.
  • On-demand data engineering from sourcing and cleaning to architecture and design, including traditional and alternative approaches.
  • Advanced analytics with quantitative modelling, back-testing, clustering and optimisation, to help refine your investment strategies for success.
  • Faster insights from a digital delivery platform including web applications, BI dashboards and fully-customisable visualisations.
  • State of the art technologies including AI and machine learning to help extract insights from large datasets.

Add the capabilities you need to drive profitable investment strategies

Devising and executing quant investment strategies can be extremely complex. It requires the right mix of financial, mathematical and technological expertise – and in today’s market, those resources aren’t easy to come by.

To ensure success, today’s quant teams need to:

  • Aggregate, clean and validate data to ensure trading strategies are built on accurate, timely and meaningful analysis.

  • Turn equations into investment strategies with applications and programs that quickly test and back test strategies, and share results with those that need them.

  • Analyse risk using historical data and insights into sensitivities, exposures, scenario analysis, regulatory reporting and more.

  • Showcase and share findings with interactive dashboards and front-ends that visualise insights and make opportunities and risks easier to identify.

Devise better strategies with on-demand quant analysis expertise

Our Quant Analytics solution provides the expertise, experience and technology you need to manage, analyse and visualise your data – turning algorithms into applications and data into investment opportunities, as and when you need them. With more than 200 “techno-quants” including CQFs, financial engineers, MBAs, CFAs, FRMs, mathematicians, programmers and statisticians, we can provide leverage to your team members and enhance their effectiveness. You get:

  • End-to-end financial data engineering
    End-to-end financial data engineering

    Aggregate and validate your data with expert-driven data services, from sourcing and cleaning, to sophisticated data architecture and design.

  • Advanced investment modelling and analytics
    Advanced investment modelling and analytics

    Innovate traditional investment processes with contemporary portfolio management techniques such as advanced data science and alternative analytics – all driven by the latest AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques. 

  • In-depth risk analytics
    In-depth risk analytics

    Asses portfolio and wholesale financial risk with in-depth model methodology deployments, validations, backtesting, scenario intelligence, stress and shock testing, and more.

  • Comprehensive Asset-Liability Management (ALM) support
    Comprehensive Asset-Liability Management (ALM) support

    Support and develop your ALM system to include analytics on liquidity monitoring, balance sheet management, scenario analysis and specialist modules for pension plans.

  • Customised visualisations and BI
    Customised visualisations and BI

    Use custom applications, portals and dashboards to cut through the noise and get the analysis you need – when you need them.

How your business benefits

With Quant Analytics from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Flexibly leverage your team with the expertise needed to test your strategies and turn algorithms into easy to use apps and dashboards.
  • Reduce costs with flexible access to the talent and tools you need without lengthy and expensive recruitment processes.
  • Support your teams across all asset classes from equity and fixed income, to derivatives, FX, structured products, ETFs, commodities and more.
  • Scale at will with on-demand analysts, mathematicians, programmers and risk experts available as and when projects require.
  • Add to your experience with quant experts that contribute to your strategic thinking.
  • Improve your insights with ESG factors blended into your strategies to incorporate market driven opportunities.

How we work with you

Whether you want extra resources for data engineering, quant analysis, visualisation and reporting, or all of the above, we can provide a truly customised solution designed to meet your exact requirements. Here's how:

Step 1

We work with you to make sure we understand your overall requirements, from skillsets, flexibility, analytics and visualisation perspectives.

Step 2

Working with your team, and based on your needs, we identify the areas where we can best help.

Step 3

We then set up the required infrastructure for you to meet your requirements, with the right combination of dedicated support and the latest technology.

Step 4

A proof of concept is deployed, helping you to realise the value of our solution and enabling us to collect feedback and enhance our service.

Step 5

This process of improvement continues as we look to identify new opportunities and additional value we can deliver.

Why choose The Smart Cube?

When you choose Quant Analytics from The Smart Cube, you always get:

A stable partnership: With over 17 years’ experience in delivering high-value customer research, we are perfectly placed to provide the stability and expertise your quant analysis projects need.

Deep experience and expertise: We have over 500 analysts, more than 200 quantitative finance and fundamental specialists, and more than 50 programmers and technology experts to deliver the custom solution you require. 

More than just a service partner: We take pride in our emphasis on engagement and service quality. When you work with us, we become a true extension of your team – in whatever way adds the most value.

The best tools for the job: We have the data sources, analytics tools and cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies that can help you gain more value, more quickly.

Extra insights: Our specialists that span capability areas, and our access to alternate data streams, bring additional leverage to your quant teams and investment decision-making.

Quantamental: We have a rigorous Quant + Fundamental approach that will add new dimensions to your quant investment strategies.

Quant Analytics in action

Pre and post-trade solution helps global hedge fund outperform global benchmark


    A leading global hedge fund client was interested in creating a security screener and back-testing framework to trade on volatility arbitrage on multi-assets.


    We created a python backed GUI and front-end API which included a Security Screener, Trading and a Back-Testing Platform with a robust risk management system. The solution covered several sophisticated features: cross-asset support with high-end trading strategy modelling and reporting on Equities, FX pairs, Options, Volatility and Variance Swaps, CDSs, Risk-reversals; and live data streams extracted from APIs and data-feeds, powered by ETL with KDB-Q database and API/Other front-end visualisations.



    Besides supporting $75 million asset under management, the fund showed 5-7% of CAGR outperformance over global world vol-benchmark. The platform is a single point solution for both pre and post-trade analysis and real-time reporting, with robust and UHFT/HFT/EOD versions.

Valuation framework helps identify investment opportunities for QI’s clients


    Our client, Quant Insight (QI) wanted to develop an intelligent quantitative platform for pricing securities based on multiple macro factors.


    We first conducted the research needed to build the quant framework around pricing and valuation of global securities across asset classes. We then designed a holistic solution, involving quant analysis, algorithm development, user interface design, application building, platform implementation as well as the underlying server and database technology.


    The valuation framework helps identify investment opportunities for QI’s clients by scanning 9,000 instruments and large volumes of relevant macro and market data.

    Our combination of quant knowledge and IT expertise is cited by QI as a critical advantage. “The Smart Cube understands what I am thinking and what I am trying to achieve thanks to a good working relationship and a team with extensive experience in quant modelling. I think of The Smart Cube as a partner, not as a supplier.”


Interactive risk framework leverages The Smart Cube's quant development expertise


    A European Fund of Funds wanted to build a web based framework for risk assessment and (dynamic) portfolio rebalancing.


    We developed a web-based tool on the ‘Django Framework’ with Python-based core calculation engine covering the following:
    – Portfolio-wise Risk Exposures to various risk factors
    – Standardised and customised (based on user requirements) scenarios
    – Risk Reports – Portfolio report, Country, Concentration, Liquidity exposures, Transaction cost analysis, Summary Statistics, Margin & Leverage report, Correlation Analyses, Charts, Matrices and Graphs etc.
    – Risk Based Asset Allocation / Back Testing


    The tool manages asset risk of £25 million under management through interactive charting and reporting that produces over 2,000 reports at portfolio, strategy, collateral and netting-set levels.

The Smart Cube understands what I am thinking and what I am trying to achieve thanks to a good working relationship and a team with extensive experience in quant modelling. I think of The Smart Cube as a partner, not as a supplier.

QI CEO, Krishnan Sadasivam