Life Sciences

We empower life sciences organisations at every stage of the value chain by providing the insight needed to make rapid, informed decisions.

Rapidly rising costs


Growth as a result of global economic recovery, demographic drivers and technological development puts the life sciences sector in a strong position. But costs are rising fast, regulatory barriers are increasing and the patent cliff looms.


To survive, organisations need to re-appraise their business models, manage costs and pricing, drive innovation and connect with customers – and all while meeting regulatory compliance.

Trusted partnership for the long term

There’s an urgent need for deeper insight and understanding. With the average drug taking 10 years to reach the market, mergers and acquisitions increasing and more patents being filed, it’s vital to access evidence-based research. At The Smart Cube, we’re a trusted long term partner to life sciences teams, from procurement to strategy and marketing, adding value by driving better understanding for all stakeholders across the value chain.

Our take on things

Our Co-Founder and Head of Sector Omer Abdullah, discusses the evolving trends and pressures facing the Life Sciences sector and how The Smart Cube is helping address these.

How we make it happen

We’re customised to you – integrated into your business and focused on your challenges with a powerful fusion of industry knowledge, talent and technology. Operating at the heart of your team, we’re practical and connected; helping you with the heavy lifting so you can deliver more.

Business Analytics

Get more from your data with our analytics solution and gain deeper insights with relevant context enabling better decision making.

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Category Excellence

Aligned to your category teams, we bring rigour and acceleration to category management, helping you identify and leverage value.

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Category Growth

Take action. Maximise product opportunities with fast actionable insights that optimise your product portfolio.

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Commodity Volatility Management

Better manage your exposure to commodity price volatility and risk with custom forecasts and predictive analytics.

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Pricing & Promotions

We help you define your pricing and promotions strategy in order to increase your profitability, with even the smallest tweak making a vast difference.

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Supplier Engagement

Drive innovation and collaboration across your critical suppliers, and better manage performance and risk, with a 360⁰ view of your strategic relationships

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Supply Chain Excellence

Understand, map and connect disparate data to unearth opportunities to optimise, strengthen and enforce decisions across your supply chain.

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Trade Promotions

Protect your market share and elevate performance by optimising promotions and sales in an ever more competitive marketplace.

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Case study : Procurement transformation

Connected intelligence to support a global biopharmaceutical company’s procurement transformation programme.

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