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Supplier Risk Intelligence

Proactively identify, monitor and mitigate third-party supplier risk to ensure business continuity and meet compliance and sustainability goals

Supplier Risk Intelligence at a glance:

  • Go beyond just financial risk indicators, to evaluate the operational, compliance, strategic and geographic risks associated with your suppliers
  • Ongoing risk monitoring using our cloud-based Smart Risk platform to identify and alert you of threats and opportunities as early as possible
  • Near-real-time risk rating visibility enabling your team to identify both threats and opportunities as early as possible
  • Custom insight dashboards and deep-dive assessment reports tailored to your business, quality, compliance and sustainability objectives
  • Supplier insights and category trends delivered together to provide a complete view of risk exposure
  • Expert recommendations to help your team turn insights into valuable actions at speed and proactively mitigate risk

Safeguard business continuity, product quality and price competitiveness

For businesses with a large supplier base and complex supply chains, managing third-party supplier risk is a major challenge. According to Deloitte surveys, 50% of procurement teams have only low to moderate visibility into their tier 1 suppliers, and 85% of businesses do not have the right capability and capacity to manage third-party risks.

If not monitored and managed, supply risks can severely impact:

  • Business continuity and lead to stalled supply of key products and services, manufacturing delays and production shutdowns.

  • Quality and compliance when suppliers fail to meet your required standards – leading to compliance breaches and reputational damage.

  • Price competitiveness by driving costs of key commodities up and eroding profit margins right across your product portfolio.

  • Savings opportunities if favourable developments are missed and not capitalised upon.

We do more than just risk identification…

Supplier Risk Intelligence from The Smart Cube is an end-to-end risk monitoring and management solution. We leverage AI+HI to track your suppliers' risks in real time and deliver custom analysis – all via Smart Risk, our proprietary cloud-based platform – helping you take the right actions at the right time.

  • Continuous monitoring and insights
    Continuous monitoring and insights

    We leverage advanced analytics and machine learning models to provide near-real-time monitoring of leading risk indicators across your supply base, and advance warning on risks before they materialise.

  • Deep-dive risk assessments
    Deep-dive risk assessments

    Triggered by high risk scores, predefined risk events, or geopolitical, macroeconomic and industry factors.

  • Custom intelligence to support risk mitigation
    Custom intelligence to support risk mitigation

    Proactively mitigate risks with intelligence to support alternative supplier/sourcing hub identification, accelerated sourcing, contract negotiation, supplier collaboration and more.

  • Actionable recommendations
    Actionable recommendations

    Our specialist team provides recommendations to help your procurement team respond quickly and effectively to risk indicators in the right way.

  • Executive briefings
    Executive briefings

    Tailored insights to inform executive and supplier governance and program reviews.

How your business benefits

With Supplier Risk Intelligence from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Develop a holistic view of risks from multiple leading indicators - financial, operational, strategic, geographic and compliance.
  • Ensure business continuity by responding to risks before they impact your core operations.
  • Safeguard price competitiveness by responding before rising supply costs start impacting your bottom line.
  • Proactively mitigate risk using recommendations and custom intelligence to determine the best actions.
  • Meet compliance and sustainability goals by assessing which suppliers can truly meet your standards.
  • Avoid cost overruns with early visibility into risks and intelligence to mitigate them.

How we work with you

However complex your supplier portfolio, we have the specialist skills, data, proprietary assets, third party data partnerships and technology to help you design and implement a tailored Supplier Risk Intelligence solution that makes identifying and mitigating risk factors simple.

Step 1

Through diagnostic and discovery workshops, we review the way you manage supplier risk today, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Step 2

We design a custom risk intelligence solution for each supplier segment, incorporating all relevant data and intelligence sources.

Step 3

We deploy a combination of near real-time risk monitoring and periodic or need-based deep dive assessments by our specialist team.

Step 4

We help you understand the potential business impact of risks identified and provide intelligence to support your mitigation plans.

Step 5

We conduct ongoing reviews to refine the program to address changing supplier risk dynamics.

Why choose The Smart Cube?

When you choose Supplier Risk Intelligence from The Smart Cube, you always get:

An end-to-end solution: We provide support at every stage of the insight value chain, from risk program setup to risk monitoring and risk mitigation.

Specialist domain knowledge and analytics expertise: We combine advanced analytics with deep procurement knowledge, and leverage both internal and external data sources, to deliver the right intelligence at the right time.

A solution built around you: We design our solution around your organisation’s needs, risk management goals, and compliance and sustainability objectives.

Near-real-time risk monitoring and alerts: We enable your team to respond to risks at incredible speeds with automated alerts and near-real-time insight into emerging risk indicators across your supply base.

Supplier Risk Intelligence in action

Global F&B giant deploys supplier risk portal


    A global F&B company was concerned about potential supply chain risks due to tariff and trade tensions between the US and China, and wanted to monitor ongoing risks associated with its key suppliers (of ingredients, logistics and packaging categories) and major sourcing hubs.


    The Smart Cube deployed a proprietary risk monitoring portal within a week to monitor strategic, operational, financial, compliance and country risks for key suppliers in near real time. The category manager was automatically alerted via email regarding the risk events (as a part of the early warning feature of our portal).


    With early warning of potential risks, the client was able to engage the key suppliers and made changes to its supply chain to reduce its risk exposure.

Supplier Risk Intelligence helps large pharma monitor and manage supplier risk worth $220 million


    The client wanted to improve its understanding of business and operational risks associated with its suppliers in CRO, R&D and APIs in order to to devise better risk mitigation strategies.


    The Smart Cube conducted detailed financial health assessments and supplier risk assessments for 200 critical suppliers. We monitored suppliers through periodic risk monitoring reports for the top 30 suppliers and the other 170 suppliers on quarterly and half yearly basis, respectively.


    The periodic monitoring helped the client proactively monitor performance and mitigate risks of critical suppliers worth $220 million for the 3 categories effectively.

Critical supplier assessment delivered better visibility on 20% of total spend for global A&D firm


    The client’s supplier relationship team wanted to assess capabilities, performance, operational risks and customer dependence of key direct strategic suppliers to better manage relationships and develop stronger partnerships.


    We completed an exhaustive assessment covering revenues by programmes, revenue dependence on customers (including peers), products supplied to peers, investments focus, quality and other issues, sourcing from low-cost countries, and technological investments for the suppliers (including China-based suppliers where the team did not have any visibility). The insights were used to suggest change in bargaining power, strategic direction and risks.


    In-depth assessment of critical suppliers helped the client gain extensive visibility on critical suppliers representing 20% of its total spend and improve partnerships for future programmes.

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