Consilium Network

Plug in to our network

We’re proud of Consilium, our advisory network of more than 4,500 experts from a diverse array of industries worldwide. Consilium helps us to reflect the experience, knowledge and perspectives of international specialists, everywhere from major industries to niche sectors.

From CXOs and thought leaders to senior advisors and academics, our members each come with over 25 years’ expertise in their area. It’s invaluable experience we put to work for our clients and their businesses.

How Consilium works

Our analyst teams conduct in-depth interviews with carefully selected members of the Consilium panel to gather unique perspectives on client and sector-specific issues, and to validate research findings.

We use ethical research standards and work towards open information exchange, ensuring the utmost confidentiality. We comply with the standards set by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research.

You can be a part of Consilium – and part of our success but first, check below to see if you meet either of these criteria, if so get in touch with us.

What's the benefit to our clients?

Unique and exclusive insights into topics and issues

On-the-ground perspectives

Validated findings