Investment Research & Analytics

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  • Credit Research

    Navigating fixed income investments is always a challenge. Expanding portfolios and moving into new markets and sectors can be especially difficult when so much time is spent on existing coverage through modelling, researching and writing investment research.

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  • Equity Research

    Driving growth and profitability in equity research is never easy. Especially when so much time is spent modelling, tracking the news and writing reports, taking away time from the high-value and client-oriented face-to-face tasks that drive revenue.

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  • Quant Analytics

    Devising and executing quant investment strategies can be extremely complex. It requires the right mix of financial, mathematical and technological expertise – and in today’s market, those resources aren’t easy to come by.

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Ultimately, The Smart Cube has created a comprehensive solution to understand what’s really driving the markets, encompassing both equity indices and single stocks, currencies, rates, commodities, credit and volatility markets, which enables us to help our clients make profitable trades.

QI CEO, Krishnan Sadasivam