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Consumer and Market Insights

Get proactive, actionable intelligence from internal and external data sources to help identify winning growth strategies for consumer goods

Consumer and Market Insights at a glance:

  • Expertly curated insights on markets, consumers, products, competitors and brands – to help your commercial and marketing teams make better strategic decisions. 
  • Robust, unbiased, contextualised intelligence and analysis tailored for categories at different levels of maturity.
  • Ongoing intelligence and signals, plus support for key strategic projects with in-depth insights and analytics.
  • A 360-degree view of the opportunities and challenges facing your business by integrating internal, external and third-party data.
  • Proactive alerts on new and relevant developments in your categories and markets  to help you unlock areas of growth and innovation.
  • Pre-built templates and custom tools to help you build world-class category growth strategies quickly and easily.

Develop successful category strategies with intelligence you can trust

Identifying ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ to drive successful growth strategies has always been complex. But with new business models and products, increasing price pressures, and changing customer behaviours to keep up with, the continuous monitoring of developments across the market has never been more important.

To devise and execute robust revenue growth strategies, companies need to:

  • Identify emerging opportunities to improve sales and deliver sustainable growth.

  • Stay up to date with category dynamics, competitor activities, and consumer preferences for continuous refinement and evolution. 

  • Translate major trends and events into actionable innovation strategies that drive value in their categories.

  • Improve planning and collaboration with channel and distribution partners by using timely, accurate insights and recommendations.

  • Provide up-to-date guidance on the levers that can drive profitable growth – both in the short-term and long-term.

  • Understand evolving business needs and ensure category strategies and approaches are aligned with market demand.

We provide a 360-degree view of the opportunities and challenges facing your business...

We blend internal, external and expertly-curated third-party data sets with deep market intelligence and category expertise, to help you identify the right opportunities and develop winning growth strategies. With The Smart Cube’s Consumer and Market Insights solution, you can select capabilities and insights across five modular elements:

  • Market and Competitor Insights
    Market and Competitor Insights

    Get timely insights into retailer, market and competitor performance, and follow important developments as they happen – from emerging market growth and competitive activities to sustainability initiatives and changes in taxation.

  • Consumer Insights and Trends
    Consumer Insights and Trends

    Stay up to date with consumer trends, needs, and purchase behaviours with social media sentiment analysis, U&A insights, NPS tracking, bespoke surveys and more, to identify focus areas and formulate effective strategies.

  • Product and Innovation insights
    Product and Innovation insights

    Monitor regular sales performance and track price and promotions, along with insights into seasonal trends, new product launches and whitespace analysis.

  • Marketing and Brand Intelligence
    Marketing and Brand Intelligence

    Develop a holistic understanding of brand equity and marketing mix – in terms of product, price and packaging – through an in-depth assessment of the market and brand performance relative to key competitors.

  • Bespoke Strategic Support
    Bespoke Strategic Support

    Get expert strategic support with your market expansion opportunities, new product development and diversification, channel development and marketing initiatives.

How your business benefits

With Consumer and Market Insights from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Use robust, unbiased and contextualised insights to build successful category strategies that boost sales and drive growth.
  • Uncover untapped growth opportunities with ongoing intelligence from disparate data sets, including syndicated sources and patent filings, that highlight unexplored synergies, opportunities and risks.
  • Mitigate risk and identify strategic priorities with greater visibility of everything from consumer attitudes and competitor activities, to socio-economic change and regulatory developments.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with timely decisions translated from proactive intelligence and forward looking insights.
  • Free your talent from laborious research tasks and give them more time to engage with stakeholders and execute category strategies based on proven, timely insights.
  • Leverage a combination of internal and external data to gain the most in-depth view of opportunities and developments across products, categories and markets.

How we work with you

Whether you want to develop an end-to-end decision support engine for your category growth or explore specific modules within it, we’ll work with you to build the ideal solution from the ground up. Here’s how:

Step 1

We conduct interviews with key stakeholders, hold workshops and carry out data diagnostics to understand your current practices and identify unmet insight needs and challenges.

Step 2

We then define goals and establish success criteria, before designing a solution structure best suited to your business.

Step 3

We develop a strategic vision and execution roadmap, and create the infrastructure and intelligence wireframes aligned to your business requirements.

Step 4

We collaborate with key business partners to contextualise and deploy frameworks along with re-usable assets that enable “outcome-oriented” insights.

Step 5

We deploy both ongoing intelligence, as well as support for key emerging initiatives arising from your strategic plans or external, market-based triggers.

Step 6

We establish a clear roadmap for future activities and a continuous review of alternative approaches.

Why choose The Smart Cube

When you choose Consumer and Market Insights from The Smart Cube, you always get:

A solution tailored to your needs: We work with you to design and deploy a solution built around your goals, data sets, sources and teams – delivering outputs tailored to your exact needs.

Access to diverse data sources and expertise: Our world-class resource base – including a global network of 11,000+ external SMEs, subscribed databases and an extensive library of knowledge assets – provides deep and robust insights.

Holistic integrated intelligence: We integrate predictive analytics with external market intelligence, consumer trends, innovations and potential disruptions, to create a holistic view of your category.

Objective and data-driven insights: We provide independent and fact-based analysis without any prejudice or inherent bias, to provide outcome-driven insights and recommendations. 

Relevant advice and recommendations: When you need expert support, our specialist teams will provide bespoke category insights, market intelligence and informed recommendations, to address your specific business challenges.

Consumer and Market Insights in action

Helping a leading sugar manufacturer to develop and execute a successful new product launch strategy


    The client was planning the launch of a new brown sugar product in a European market. The business wanted to understand the market potential for the new product, desirable product features, and the optimum price, in order to inform a successful launch.


    The Smart Cube specialists designed and fielded a quantitative consumer research study, targeting regular consumers of brown sugar.
    We analysed survey data using SPSS to determine purchase drivers, brand perception and loyalty, and calculated customer leakage at each stage of the buying journey. Leveraging techniques such as Price Sensitivity Meter and Conjoint Analysis, we calculated the optimum product price and estimated desirable features; and developed a simulator to model market share based on different product scenarios.


    The client received an exhaustive consumer purchase journey report, intelligence on key competitors that posed a threat to the new product, and market share forecasts. Our insights and simulator tool enabled the client to plan and execute a successful launch of its new product, with the right features and at the optimum price point.

Targeted market insights support Toast Ale to drive category growth and geographic expansion


    Toast Ale wanted to explore how to expand its environmentally-conscious brewing methodology across geographies and brewing companies.

    The client engaged The Smart Cube to identify potential market and growth opportunities, and where its operational model could have the biggest impact on reducing global bread wastage.


    The Smart Cube’s specialists undertook:

    – Market analysis across the US and Europe to identify where beer consumption and bread wastage were consistently high

    – Gross margin analysis to better understand how Toast’s brewing method stacked up against traditional options in terms of costs and financial viability

    – Brand value analysis to estimate the social value of Toast’s mission, using the CSR strategies, financial spend and brand impact of global alcohol companies.


    Our research and analysis provided actionable insights to inform the client’s expansion goals, with key highlights including:

    – Identification of markets where Toast’s model could be adopted by breweries

    – Toast’s brewing operations were running at a very similar gross margin to competitors, and its ethical mission greatly enhanced overall brand value

    – Similar breweries could switch to Toast’s production model with low impact on profitability.

Ongoing intelligence and regular category tracking drives $5mn increase in market share for US CPG client


    The increasing trend of ‘healthy’ claims and products was impacting sales of some of the clients’ key SKUs including jams, jellies and fruit-based beverages.

    The company sought an insights partner to deliver regular tracking of its top categories from an external market perspective, to help drive category growth.


    The Smart Cube identified the top 10 category groups based on sales and significance of ‘healthy’ as a key attribute. We initiated reviews for categories including juices, smoothies and teas, leveraging intelligence sources from social media and Google trends, to patent data and consumer research.

    Our specialists delivered monthly category reports which comprised sales trends, seasonality impacts, penetration and frequency etc; category-level opportunities and risks; and a Prioritisation Matrix for innovation to guide new product launches.


    Using our insights and recommendations, the client was able to improve its market share in 4 out of the top 10 category groups in the US, and exceeded its annual sales target for 4 out of 6 product launches.

    This resulted in an overall increase in market share worth over $5mn.