Revenue Growth Management

Maximise revenues and drive profitable growth in consumer goods, using a combination of advanced revenue growth analytics, AI tools and technologies

Revenue Growth Management & Analytics at a glance:

  • Modular approach with interconnected capabilities to help optimise everything from pricing and promotions decisions to demand forecasting and commercial planning
  • Expertly curated category, channel and shopper intelligence to enable commercial teams to make better strategic and tactical decisions
  • Harmonisation of internal, external and third-party data to give you 360-degree visibility of the opportunities and challenges for your business today
  • Deep modelling and dynamic simulation capabilities to help you test the potential impacts of new strategies or impending market shifts, before they happen
  • Leveraging AI and machine learning combined with proven models, algorithms and purpose-built assets to unlock insights from untapped data
  • Deploy analytics at speed through bespoke dashboards and visualisations designed around your needs to serve automated insights

Break down the barriers to sustainable revenue growth

Delivering significant, sustainable revenue growth is never easy. But with expectations rising, markets becoming increasingly crowded, and transformational forces moving faster than ever before, making the right decisions at the right time has never been more important than it is today.

To devise and execute robust revenue growth strategies, organisations need to:

  • Connect disparate data sources to anticipate risks and identify real opportunities – both in the market, and in their channels

  • Understand rapidly shifting shopper behaviours and keep pace with changing demands to safeguard loyalty and maintain market share

  • Improve planning and retailer collaboration by using their insights to offer recommendations that help retailers identify favourable sales opportunities

  • Monitor spend effectiveness and respond to emerging trends quickly to maximise incremental gains through analytics-driven scenario assessment

  • Develop a holistic view of market and organisational metrics to track and maximise revenue growth opportunities

We offer an end-to-end custom solution…

We blend internal, external and expertly curated third-party data sets with deep market intelligence and category expertise, to help you identify the right opportunities and make the right decisions, at the right time. Our Revenue Growth Management solution comprises multiple modules, each designed to solve a specific business challenge:

  • Pricing and Trade Promotions Analytics
    Pricing and Trade Promotions Analytics

    Maximise ROI from dynamic pricing and promotions decisions by quantifying SKU/PPG level impacts to drive profitable outcomes.

  • Assortment Planning Tools and Insights
    Assortment Planning Tools and Insights

    Ensure optimal product mix for relevant markets, channels and formats to maximise shopper satisfaction, overall productivity and revenue.

  • Channel and Distribution Management
    Channel and Distribution Management

    Increase market presence and grow sales through tailored inventory and distribution plans for all channels and outlets.

  • Demand Forecasts and Planning Analytics
    Demand Forecasts and Planning Analytics

    Eliminate inefficiencies, reduce margin leakages and unify sales and operations planning by accurately forecasting demand.

  • Marketing Effectiveness Analytics
    Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

    Devise proactive strategies to achieve maximum returns by allocating optimal marketing spend for each media lever, based on expected ROI.

How your business benefits

With Revenue Growth Management from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Drive up to 10% revenue uplift by identifying the right levers and successfully acting on them at the right time.
  • Leverage ‘what if’ simulation tools for deep analytics and forecasting to take the guesswork out of RGM decision-making
  • Develop targeted revenue growth initiatives to support both global objectives and local strategies through an integrated analytics approach.
  • Gain up to 80% efficiency in productivity by automating insight delivery so frontline teams can focus on taking the right actions.
  • Access alternative market data sets to develop a broader, connected and integrated view of your customers.
  • Leverage The Smart Cube’s proven AI and ML approach to improve data management and accelerate insight delivery.

How we work with you

Whether you want to develop an end-to-end decision support engine for your RGM programme or explore specific modules within it, we’ll work with you to build the ideal solution from the ground up.

Step 1

We use a collaborative discovery approach to understand your needs and business priorities, and map out the data sources.

Step 2

We create a prototype solution as a proof of concept, helping you rapidly see value from the project.

Step 3

We leverage feedback and deploy adaptive agile methodologies to scale the prototype into a full solution.

Step 4

Your solution evolves as we learn more about your changing requirements – covering new categories, geographies and other factors from emerging market dynamics.

Step 5

Predictive and prescriptive analytics take your solution to the next level, preparing your team for tomorrow, today.

Why choose The Smart Cube?

When you choose Revenue Growth Management from The Smart Cube, you always get:

Accelerated delivery: We use pre-built assets, frameworks, data connectors and a library of reusable mathematical models to deliver insights at an accelerated pace.

A solution tailored to your needs: We work with you to design and deploy a solution built around your goals, data sets and sources, and team – delivering bespoke outputs tailored to your exact needs.

A unique blend of data, tools, models and expertise: We unlock the full potential of your data by combining it with valuable alternative data sets and using reliable tools and models to extract and deliver insights.

Your tools, not ours: We work with you to build the right tools and capabilities for your organisation and revenue team. The solutions we build for you are yours to use forever.

A true end-to-end solution: We can support every part of the insight delivery journey – from project scoping and data collection, to prescriptive and predictive intelligence and wide-scale deployment.

Relevant advice and recommendations: When you need expert support, our specialist team will be there to provide it – delivering bespoke category insights, market intelligence and informed recommendations, to address your specific challenges.

Revenue Growth Management in action

Interactive simulator tool improved marketing ROI by 15-25% and optimised media spend of $150 million


    The client was unable to evaluate the impact of marketing spend on sales and hence, wanted to conduct a holistic assessment of the impact of its marketing activities by understanding the direct and long-term impact (via brand equity) on sales.


    The Smart Cube developed a multivariate linear regression model to measure the impact of marketing activities on key brand equity KPIs, and undertook factor and correlation analysis to develop a market mix model-based solution to arrive at the overall ROI from media levers. We developed an interactive simulator tool to enable planning of various ‘what-if’ scenarios around sales drivers and media, thereby predicting ROI.


    We helped the client optimise $150 million media spend and gain additional ROI of 15–25% in marketing spend through spend reallocation of several categories such as snacks and beverages. In addition, the team helped the client gain an incremental 1% volume growth in the beverages category through reallocation of spend.

Assortment planning helped Fortune 500 firm improve customer reach by 10%


    The client wanted to streamline its assortment planning in EMEA (40+ countries) and derive sales benefits through optimal brand range prioritisation.


    Our team created a scenario modelling tool combining internal data and consumer research for local commercial teams to plan for different assortments and their outcomes. We recommended strategic alignment of range for channels in 8 markets to derive sales benefits, as well as trade narratives for discussions with channel partners.


    The primary and secondary range recommendations helped the client expect benefits of €50 million in 8 key markets, along with improving customer reach by 10% (on average) across these markets.

Order volumes forecasts and purchasing pattern modelling helped this flower and gift firm improve future planning


    UrbanStems was experiencing high demand peaks and volatile purchase patterns and wanted to ensure consistent delivery of its services and maintain customer satisfaction through sustainable demand forecasting.


    Using our Revenue Growth Management solution, we undertook Purchase Pattern Analysis, and Demand Sensing and Management, which included custom-built algorithms to identify time-based purchase patterns and forecast overall demand. We projected numbers using time series models for the year ahead (with highest accuracy for the following three months).


    UrbanStems has been able to leverage The Smart Cube’s order volumes forecasts and purchasing pattern model (comprising intelligence such as event-based orders and customer-level planning) for its in-house forecasting models, leading to greater levels of accuracy and improved forward planning.