Consumer Packaged Goods

Your world has transformed. The consumer packaged goods sector continues to experience major disruption in a turbulent global economy.

Behaviours are changing

Routes to market have changed. Growth territories have changed. Everything has changed.


Today’s consumer packaged goods producers find themselves in a complex market. One in which pressure on wages and rising commodity prices is putting a significant burden on margins. At the same time, supply chain stresses have become immense, with growing risk and regulation, as well as ever-increasing demands for waste reduction, sustainability and traceability.


So what can you do? An avalanche of data is available from multiple sources. Used wisely it can deliver robust insights to underpin every decision and tackle today’s challenges head-on. Mismanage it, and it can swamp internal teams and lead to indecision and paralysis.

Driving value. Your focus - our focus

At The Smart Cube, we believe that the industry needs to focus on driving value, aligning to customer needs and exploiting the value in its existing portfolio. To do this, we work with the procurement and supply chain teams of the world’s leading CPG companies to provide visibility and deep analysis of both external markets and internal demand.

Our take on things

Our Head of Sector Sue Hope discusses the challenges facing firms who operate in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector and how The Smart Cube is helping give them an edge.

How we make it happen

We’re customised to you – integrated into your business and focused on your challenges with a powerful fusion of industry knowledge, talent and technology. Operating at the heart of your team, we’re practical and connected; helping you with the heavy lifting so you can deliver more.

Business Analytics

Get more from your data with our analytics solution and gain deeper insights with relevant context enabling better decision making.

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Category Excellence

Aligned to your category teams, we bring rigour and acceleration to category management, helping you identify and leverage value.

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Category Growth

Take action. Maximise product opportunities with fast actionable insights that optimise your product portfolio.

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Commodity Volatility Management

Manage your exposure to commodity price risk. Our leading-edge solution provides frontline support so you can plan your budget and drive cost avoidance.

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Supplier Engagement

This analytically driven solution combines cognitive intelligence tools with specialist analysts to provide a practical answer to tracking, managing and improving supplier and supply chain performance.

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Supply Chain Excellence

Understand, map and connect disparate data to unearth opportunities to optimise, strengthen and enforce decisions across your supply chain.

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Trade Promotions

Protect your market share and elevate performance by optimising promotions and sales in an ever more competitive marketplace.

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Case study : End-to-end support for the category management process

One of the world’s leading fast-food chains faces procurement execution challenges.

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