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The production of investment research is changing and the need for analytics is growing.

Disruptive change

Ongoing disruption driven by regulatory change, data overload as well as and rapid advances in technology means rethinking how investment research and business insight is generated


These changes are impacting business models and imposing substantial costs for asset managers, hedge funds, banks and investment banks.


Success in today’s competitive investment environment requires organisations to enhance analyst capability with technology to achieve differentiation and generate alpha.


Capitalise on the future

The challenge is how to efficiently collect, manage and distil a high volume of data and market information into substantive investment insight at a reasonable cost. Utilising our in-depth industry knowledge and proven capability, we have designed solutions that bring value to our clients by combining fundamental and quantitative research with advanced analytics and smart tech.

The difference we make is palpable and practical. We seamlessly combine seasoned analysts, industry experts, and smart research tools that will help your teams leverage our solutions to achieve efficiency, whilst minimising investment risks.

How we make it happen

We integrate into your business and focus on your challenges with a powerful fusion of industry knowledge, talent and technology. Operating at the heart of your team, we’re practical and connected; we help with the heavy lifting so you can deliver more.

Credit Research

Overcome the challenges of delivering high performance in the current yield-poor environment with insightful intelligent credit research.

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Equity Research

Get the insight you need – now. Our experienced analysts respond to the competing pressures faced by the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side. Immediately. Economically.

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Quant Analytics

We deliver real financial intelligence – with a potent combination of quant analytics, technology and machine learning.

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Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape has changed significantly for global banks. Navigate it successfully with accurate, automated, streamlined risk solutions.

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Case study : Building an investment framework

When research firm Quant Insight wanted to develop a solution for pricing securities based on macro factors, it turned to The Smart Cube to transform its thinking into reality.

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