Financial Services

Your world has changed. How will you change with it?

With fraud and security risks rising, agile fintech competitors constantly emerging and new regulations and customer demands reshaping how Financial Services Solutions are delivered, institutions have faced huge pressure to evolve for years. But now, in a time of significant economic downturn, the impacts of those challenges – and more – are being amplified.

To succeed in these unprecedented conditions, Financial Services institutions must:

  • Be more vigilant against fraud and cybercrime than ever before, and harness new technologies and insights to aid in the fight against them
  • Turn vast quantities of customer and operational data into actionable insights and empower teams to make value-adding decisions at speed
  • Carefully evaluate new technology and markets to help identify opportunities that could have a real impact on profitability
  • Comply with increasingly stringent regulations in the wake of the last financial crisis and effectively apply regulatory technology to help address key challenges
  • Maintain an intense focus on cost reduction while embracing digital transformation and moving with the demands of modern consumers

Here's how we can help

Know more. Grow more.

The Smart Cube’s Financial Services solutions can help you:

  • Make better-informed investment and lending decisions using deep-dive analytics and intelligence that improve issuer and customer visibility
  • Identify and mitigate risks earlier across a huge range of asset classes and sectors, and uncover the real story behind perceived opportunities
  • Expand and free your team to focus on value-adding activities and face-to-face engagement using on-demand research resources whenever you need them
  • Verify the value of proposed strategies by adding deep mathematical analysis expertise to your team and performing detailed quantitative analysis 
Credit Research

Credit Research

Navigating fixed income investments is always a challenge. Expanding portfolios and moving into new markets and sectors can be especially difficult when so much time is spent on existing coverage through modelling, researching and writing investment research.

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Equity Research

Equity Research

Driving growth and profitability in equity research is never easy. Especially when so much time is spent modelling, tracking the news and writing reports, taking away time from the high-value and client-oriented face-to-face tasks that drive revenue.

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Quant Analytics

Quant Analytics

Devising and executing quant investment strategies can be extremely complex. It requires the right mix of financial, mathematical and technological expertise – and in today’s market, those resources aren’t easy to come by.

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