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  • 120+ category insights dashboards for proactive, custom insights on opportunities and risks for your key strategic categories

  • 8,500+ commodity price data across agro, dairy, livestock, petchem, minerals, metals, resins and fuels, and 80 integrated commodity dashboards

  • 150,000+ suppliers via Craft with 6,500+ suppliers tagged to 650+ categories and subcategories

  • Inflation indices for electricity (65+), labour (1,000+) and PPI (9,000+) to provide up-to-date view on inflationary trends across key cost drivers

  • 560+ critical supply market insights for 26 category groups and 115+ category deep-dives with detailed insights across direct and indirect categories

  • 75+ reports and 19 videos covering our insights on both the macro and micro global events that are impacting businesses around the world

  • 110+ sustainability, innovation and mega trends reports looking in-depth at the latest trends

  • 12,800+ cost structures and 10,000+ cost drivers to help understand primary cost drivers and potential category savings

  • 25+ decision-making tools including critical supplier frameworks, should-cost models and 4 procurement KPIs reports for Life Sciences, Industrials, CPG and Indirects

Having category and market intelligence readily available is a must for any organisation that is serious about strategic sourcing or category management. The Smart Cube, with its Amplifi PRO platform, can support these initiatives with both standard as well as customised reports on category news, trend reports, commodity price data and more.

Magnus Bergfors, VP European Research and Lead Analyst, Spend Matters

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