Our story

Welcome to The Smart Cube

For leading businesses around the world, The Smart Cube is a trusted partner for high performing intelligence that answers critical business questions. And we work with our clients to figure out how to implement the answers, faster. 

Through custom research, advanced analytics and best of breed technology, we transform data into insights and enable smart decision-making — all to improve business performance at the top and bottom line. We call it Intelligence, Accelerated.

Our history



When The Smart Cube was created in 2003 the world was a very different place. Facebook didn’t exist and the first iPhone was yet to be launched. But we recognised that change was coming and set about creating a new kind of business, one that would help our clients make sense of the huge volumes of data being generated and made available across the web.

The Smart Cube today

Today, we’re a highly evolved research and analytics specialist, working with the world’s leading companies – from the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 – to boutique professional services firms. It’s our business to find smart answers to the challenging questions that impact the top and bottom line. 

We help our clients pioneer new intelligent sourcing strategies that save millions and control risk; champion new customer experiences and marketing strategies that fire growth; and mine new sources of data to find an investment advantage in financial markets.



We combine Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence in a powerful blend that adds value for our clients. It’s a refreshingly different approach to organisational intelligence. A truly connected one. Our solutions are a unique fusion of talent, tech and tools, augmented by Amplifi, our organisational intelligence platform. Amplifi is the research and analytics engine that works at the core of our solutions and enables a truly intelligent customised approach to tackle our clients’ specific business challenges.