Corporate social responsibility

The Smart Cube takes Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. As a successful global organisation with a large footprint in India, we have an opportunity to make a real difference to the communities around us – and a duty to focus our efforts where they’ll have the most significant positive impact.

Our CSR mission is simple. We want to be a positive force for change in the world – not only contributing to worthy causes, but also giving our people the opportunity to make a difference as individuals. 

To achieve our goals, we follow three key CSR rules:

  • To think locally first
    To think locally first

    While we recognise the fantastic work of many global Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), our team has made the decision to primarily focus its CSR efforts nearby – supporting causes and organisations in New Delhi, where the majority of our employees are based.

  • To practice what we preach
    To practice what we preach

    It’s not enough to simply support worthy causes financially. We strive to uphold the principles of the organisations we support internally. For example, in addition to supporting NGOs focused on sustainability, we’ve adopted strict sustainability policies ourselves to ensure that The Smart Cube is part of the solution in every sense.

  • To let our people lead us
    To let our people lead us

    CSR at The Smart Cube is employee-driven. We support the causes that matter the most to our team, and give our people the time and opportunity to contribute directly to those causes.

About TSC Together

TSC Together is our employee-led, employee-run CSR programme. It exists to ensure that we’re providing everyone with the opportunity to contribute to causes they believe in.

Employee volunteering is at the heart of TSC Together. Every team member can take two days’ leave each year to directly support the causes and projects that matter to them. We also offer individuals the opportunity to take a paid 2.5 month sabbatical to focus on CSR activities.

Currently, our team has chosen to focus on two key areas that we see as both immediately pressing causes, and areas that will directly shape the future of the world around us:

  • Children’s charities focused on safeguarding, feeding and providing education opportunities for underprivileged children and young adults.
  • Sustainability-driven projects including direct charitable responses to major environmental events.

Key partner NGOs

In general, we like to work with smaller local NGOs, where we can visit their sites, see their work in action, and provide hands-on support. Here’s a look at three we’ve supported extensively:

AIPS is an organisation based in New Delhi that provides education opportunities to the city’s underprivileged children.

The Smart Cube has worked closely with AIPS for many years, completing projects including the construction of a new education facility, and providing the means to ensure all attending children receive two square meals a day.

Navjagriti is a small shelter and education facility for children in New Delhi. Each year, The Smart Cube pays for an educational day trip for all of the young people supported by Navjagriti, and sponsors private education opportunities for children with high potential.

One of the larger NGOs The Smart Cube works with, Goonj provides a wide range of support to communities in need across India. All our clothes drives and many of our disaster relief drives directly support the efforts of Goonj.


Our CSR events

In addition to NGO contributions and direct volunteering opportunities, we hold regular CSR events and activities that we encourage all our employees to get involved with.

  • Tree plantation drives
    Tree plantation drives

    Every year we collaborate with sustainability-focused NGOs to hold at least one tree plantation drive at The Smart Cube. These drives give our team the opportunity to get their hands dirty and make a real, positive contribution to our sustainability goals.

  • Blood donation drives
    Blood donation drives

    The blood donation drives we conduct every year are very well supported by our employees, contributing to ensuring continuous, sufficient blood supply and addressing the problem of blood shortages in India.

  • Clothing and material collections
    Clothing and material collections

    Our team contributes to regular clothing and material collections aimed at supporting homeless and underprivileged communities in India. Collections are held as the seasons shift, ensuring that those most in need are prepared for changing temperatures.

  • Disaster relief drives
    Disaster relief drives

    Where possible, we always want to focus our efforts and resources on the causes that need them most. Disaster relief drives enable us to respond quickly when a cause needs immediate global support.

From the very start, The Smart Cube has strived to play a positive role in the community around us - from smaller acts like planting trees and donating blood, to larger ventures like constructing an education facility. We are proud of what we’ve been able to do, and stay committed to contributing to the community every step of the way.

Gaurav Kumar, Chief Operating Officer