Commercial Growth Analytics

Enabling consumer healthcare businesses leverage the power of advanced analytics and strategic insights to drive revenue and category growth, and maximise profits

Commercial Growth Analytics at a glance:

  • Expertly curated category, channel, consumer and market intelligence to help your commercial teams make better decisions and gain an edge over competitors.
  • A modular approach with interconnected capabilities to support decisions including assortment planning, price optimisation, market expansion and new product development. 
  • Integration of internal, external and third-party data to provide a 360-degree view of the opportunities and challenges facing your business.
  • Deep modelling and dynamic simulation capabilities to help test the potential impacts of new strategies or impending market shifts before they happen.
  • Advanced AI and machine learning tools combined with proven models, algorithms and purpose-built assets to help you unlock insights from untapped data.
  • Lightning-fast analytics delivered through bespoke dashboards and visualisations that provide targeted, automated insights specifically designed around your needs.

Break down the barriers to sustainable product, category and revenue growth

Delivering significant, sustainable revenue growth, while maximising profits, is always a challenge. But with consumer habits changing, regulatory standards becoming increasingly complex, and transformational channels evolving faster than ever before, making the right decisions at the right time has never been more important.

To devise and execute robust product, category and revenue growth strategies, consumer healthcare companies need to:

To devise and execute robust product, category and revenue growth strategies, consumer healthcare companies need to:

  • Connect disparate data sources to anticipate risks and identify real opportunities – both in global markets and individual channels. 

  • Understand rapidly shifting consumer behaviours and keep pace with changing demands to safeguard business and maintain market share.

  • Improve planning and collaboration using timely, accurate insights to uncover new market strategies, and rapidly test and learn from interventions.

  • Monitor category spend effectiveness and quickly respond to emerging trends through analytics-driven scenario development.

  • Develop a holistic view of organisational and market metrics to uncover, track and optimise growth opportunities.

We offer an end-to-end custom solution

Our specialist teams blend internal, external and expertly-curated third-party data sets with deep market intelligence, product and category expertise and sector knowledge, to help you identify the right opportunities and make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Price Optimisation and Promotions Planning
    Price Optimisation and Promotions Planning

    Maximise ROI from dynamic pricing and promotion decisions by quantifying SKU/PPG level impacts to drive profitable outcomes.

  • Assortment Planning
    Assortment Planning

    Ensure an optimal product mix for relevant markets, channels and formats to meet demand, drive productivity and grow revenue. 

  • Channel and Distribution Management
    Channel and Distribution Management

    Increase market presence and grow sales with tailored inventory and distribution plans across traditional and online channels.

  • Marketing Effectiveness and Brand Awareness
    Marketing Effectiveness and Brand Awareness

    Devise proactive strategies to achieve maximum returns from marketing spend and enhance brand awareness.

  • Market Expansion
    Market Expansion

    Identify the whitespaces and right opportunities in terms of products, geographies and more, to expand target markets and grow revenues.

  • New Product Development
    New Product Development

    Gather strategic intelligence on unmet needs, innovation by competitors and emerging technologies to inform and drive new product development initiatives.

How your business benefits

With Commercial Growth Analytics from The Smart Cube, you can:

  • Maximise your profits while achieving revenue growth with actionable insights to identify the right levers, and expert support that helps you act on them at the right time.
  • Improve productivity by up to 80% by accelerating insight delivery so front-line teams can focus on taking the best actions.
  • Leverage ‘what-if’ simulation tools with deep analytics and forecasting to take the guesswork out of pricing, promotion and assortment strategies.
  • Access alternative market data sets to develop a broader, more integrated view of your markets and categories.
  • Understand your competitors at a deeper level and use competitor insights to improve how you position your products and brand.
  • Use proven AI and ML technologies to improve data management and accelerate insight delivery.

Our working process

Whether you want to develop an end-to-end decision support engine for your category growth or explore specific modules within it, we’ll work with you to build the ideal solution from the ground up.

Step 1

We use a collaborative discovery approach to understand your needs and business priorities, and map out the data sources you’ll need.

Step 2

A prototype solution is created as a proof of concept, helping you rapidly see value from the project.

Step 3

We leverage feedback and deploy adaptive agile methodologies to scale the prototype into a full solution.

Step 4

Your solution evolves as we learn more about your changing requirements – covering new product categories, geographies and emerging market dynamics.

Step 5

Our specialist team provides continuous insights to adapt the solution to real-time requirements.

Step 6

Predictive and prescriptive analytics take your solution to the next level, preparing your team for tomorrow, today.

Why choose The Smart Cube

When you choose Commercial Growth Analytics from The Smart Cube, you always get:

A solution tailored to your needs: We work with you to design and deploy a solution built around your goals, data sets, sources, and team – delivering bespoke outputs tailored to your exact needs.

Accelerated delivery: We use pre-built assets, frameworks, data connectors and a library of reusable mathematical models to deliver insights at an accelerated pace.

A unique blend of data, tools, models and expertise: We unlock the full potential of your data by combining it with valuable alternative data sets and using reliable tools and models to extract and generate insights. 

A true end-to-end solution: We can support every part of the insight journey – from project scoping and data collection, to prescriptive and predictive intelligence, and wide-scale deployment.

Market expertise: Our specialist team has extensive expertise working with many of the top 10 consumer healthcare companies, and leading retailers and pharmacies.

Provided insights into the optimum price and depth of discount to maximise RoI


    A UK-based food supplements company was looking to improve the price elasticity of its products as well as enhance the return on promotions. The company was facing challenges internally which had traditionally made this objective harder to achieve; they were making heuristics-based decisions that lacked scientific methods to inform changes in prices and discounts.


    We gathered and harmonised data from multiple sources, such as shipment, promotion calendar and competitor matrix, to develop an analytical dataset. Further, we developed Log-Log models to estimate price and promotion elasticity at the SKU level by combining retailer data for each market. We also used our proprietary algorithms to produce an SKU level view of price change scenarios and the impact on volume


    We produced insights based on data exploration and hypothesis testing to validate key business assumptions. This resulted in 5-7% average increase in promotional ROI and ~3% increase in overall sales.

Developed an exhaustive forecasting model to map future sales and market share


    A top 20 OTC drug company was witnessing a decline in market share for its cough syrup due to the emergence of competitor drugs and wanted The Smart Cube to understand overall market growth and impact of new entrants, ascertain structural changes in the overall market sales and forecast sales evolution over the next 2 years


    We developed forecasting models by analysing 5-year historical client sales and external factors such as substitutes, competitor products, seasonality and weather impact; these models were created at both overall market and product levels.


    A forecasting model that highlighted the predicted market share relative to competitor brands as well as the impact of external factors such as seasonality and substitutes to help the client plan proactively. We analysed that while the product’s market share was expected to decline over the next 6 quarters, its absolute revenue was likely to grow with increasing demand

Assessed impact of marketing activities on sales to optimise media spend


    A US-based leading health drink company tasked us with conducting a holistic assessment of the impact of marketing activities on sales to enable strategic decision making.


    We conducted univariate and bivariate exploratory analyses of all important variables to identify key trends and patterns; carried out factor and correlation analyses to identify relevant variables and removed redundancies. We developed an interactive simulator tool to conduct ‘what-if’ analysis and provided optimal recommendations for achieving growth target.


    Our work enabled the client to make data-driven decisions in near-real time on media investments, helping to bridge the gap between brand building and deriving higher returns on media investment. As a result the client was able to achieve ~15% average increase in media spend ROI; further, it was able to reallocate $3.5m marketing spend that was being used for health drinks