Professional Services

Is your firm ready to do more with less?

The world of Professional Services is changing. Today’s clients demand a full-service approach to value creation. Agile new technologies are providing them with rapid alternatives to traditional methodologies. And new competitors are increasing the pressure to differentiate your services in meaningful ways.

To survive and thrive in this shifting climate, Professional Services organisations must:

  • Build and manage scalable teams that can meet rising client expectations for speed and quality
  • Create a distinctive service offering that clearly sets them apart from new and traditional competitors
  • Utilise analytics and new technology to deliver deeper insights and maximise value creation at speed
  • Seek efficient new ways to meet changing client demands while operating within tight budgets and margins

Here's how we can help

Deliver for your clients – fast

Through our ongoing and on-demand custom intelligence solutions, we help Professional Services companies deliver faster, more flexible and more efficient client services. Within Client Delivery, we provide a range of solutions that deliver:

  • An outside-in view of your clients’ business challenges and operational landscape, based on in-depth research 
  • Bespoke advanced analytics to enable more informed decision-making
  • Scalable, flexible resources to support your team whenever you need them
  • Specialist functional and domain expertise to help your team navigate new client opportunities
Analytics Centre of Excellence

Analytics Centre of Excellence

Drive innovation and accelerate insights by empowering your clients with intuitive analytics capabilities. Whatever stage your client is at, in their Analytics journey, we’ve got the people, tools, data and capabilities to help you accelerate their projects and empower every line of business.

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Category Intelligence

Category Intelligence

Become an expert on any market, or category in an instant, and meet your procurement and supply chain client’s demands for rapid, high-value insight and service. Through close collaboration and a custom, modular approach, we create bespoke intelligence solutions, designed to support your client’s goals and needs.

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Find new revenues and beat the competition

Our Professional Services market specialists provide a wide range of support and services to help your organisation outmanoeuvre competitors, stand out in an increasingly crowded market, and create unique, compelling content. Our team can help you:

  • Uncover valuable market opportunities and key growth and practice development areas to explore
  • Leverage in-depth account intelligence on client strategy and identify opportunities in your key client accounts and prospects
  • Stay ahead of your competitors and understand their current strategic initiatives
  • Prepare insights and materials to support content creation, client meetings, and industry conferences and events
Practice Development

Practice Development

Gain a competitive edge and augment your revenue streams by getting timely, contextualised and actionable intelligence on key accounts, prospects, competitors and new business opportunities.

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