Experienced hires

Planning the next phase of your professional growth? We offer more than access to the world’s greatest clients. At The Smart Cube, you’ll get the chance to evolve and innovate with us, as part of a business that never sleeps. Which is why experienced professionals choose us as their next challenge.

So join The Smart Cube and we’ll put you to work alongside the largest global brands. Drawing on a suite of world-class resources, you’ll take on some of their most complex and challenging problems – and create game-changing insights. If you relish a working environment where differences are celebrated, and where support comes at every step, then take your next step with us.

What do we look for?

The Smart Cube’s people are dedicated to their jobs, demonstrate a high level of initiative, enjoy a challenge and always go the extra mile.

If that works for you, we’ll get on famously.

  • Work hard. Work enthusiastically:
    Our successful team members thrive in a fast-paced, challenging work environment and always meet deadlines. To join us, you’ll set relentlessly high standards for yourself and your colleagues and take real responsibility and ownership.

  • Be a team player:
    We’re a well-oiled machine, so we value people who can build strong relationships and win trust and respect through actions and results.


Develop diverse intelligence skills and follow a career path that suits you

  • Procurement and Strategy Research

    The Smart Cube delivers end-to-end procurement and strategy support to clients across a huge range of categories, markets and industries. Our procurement market intelligence services include:

    • Sourcing strategy support
    • Risk and disruption assessment
    • Make vs. buy analysis 
    • Benchmarking and best practices analysis
    • Supplier intelligence
    • Supply chain mapping
    • Contract management support
    • Market analysis
    • Market sizing
    • Opportunity identification
    • Trend analysis
    • Customer and competitor intelligence
    • Innovation support
  • Financial Analysis

    Our dedicated financial intelligence team provides financial research, analytics, and modelling solutions to major corporations and financial institutions across the globe. Our service spectrum includes: 


    • Economic forecasting
    • Price forecasting
    • Inflation modelling
    • Cost modelling
    • Macro-economic analysis
    • Investment idea screening
    • Industry/company analysis
    • Financial modelling and valuation
    • Corporate finance and M&As
    • Portfolio risk assessment
  • Data Analytics

    We help clients harness the power of analytics to reduce operational costs, analyse and visualise spend, improve customer engagement, optimise pricing, and increase marketing ROI. Our team works with data sets of all sizes and types to help clients move up the analytics maturity curve, support strategic decision making and maximise ROI. Key services include:


    • Supply chain analytics 
    • Customer analytics
    • Pricing analytics
    • Marketing analytics
    • KPI reporting
    • Executive dashboards
    • Predictive modelling
    • Business forecasting
    • Optimisation studies
    • Conjoint and survey analytics

Our hiring process

We use an assessment process designed to spot the brightest minds – and the people who share our vision. We’ll get to know you better and, if you’re successful, we’ll make you a great offer that matches your aspirations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit our career page: We list all our current opportunities by sector and location. You’ll find detailed information about each role in the job description.
  • Apply online: Complete the application form and send us your CV. If it matches what we’re looking for, we’ll invite you to take the next step.
  • Interviews and assessments: We use a range of assessments, from detailed question-and-answer sessions to case evaluations and aptitude tests, to see whether you’re the right fit for us. Number of interactions may vary depending on the skills and experience.
  • Making an offer: If you’re successful, we’ll get in touch with you to make you an offer.


At The Smart Cube, we don’t believe in surprises. We know that diligent research and preparedness are essential to success in virtually every aspect of life and business.

If you’re getting ready for an interview with us, here are a few pointers to help guide your preparation:

  • Be prepared
    Be prepared

    You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Wear business casuals. Do your research about us and the role you’re interviewing for. Brush up on your interview fundamentals. Start early, be on time and inform us if you are running late.

  • Make a lasting impression
    Make a lasting impression

    Engage actively with the panel during the interview. Be confident, maintain eye contact, and give direct and well-thought-out answers. Straightforwardness, honesty and acuity will earn you significant credibility. Above all, relax and be yourself, so we can get to know you.

  • Be inquisitive
    Be inquisitive

    An interview isn’t just an opportunity for us to get to know you – it’s your opportunity to learn a lot more about us. Keep a list of questions covering everything you’d like to clarify, show an interest in the company and what we do, and use this opportunity to make sure that The Smart Cube is right for you.

  • Keep in touch
    Keep in touch

    Stay connected with your recruiter through different platforms. We believe in sharing constructive feedback in a proactive and timely manner. And to keep abreast with developments related to our people and business, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

My journey with The Smart Cube started in 2007. Since then I've mastered analysis, managed an international delivery location, and worked closely with clients to deliver insights and intelligence that supercharge their business. It's been really exciting, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Sidharth Pachauri

After initially leaving The Smart Cube to pursue a different opportunity, the sense of belonging and open, flexible culture quickly brought me back. It was an easy decision to make, and it feels as if I never left.

Arjit Rastogi

Since joining The Smart Cube, I've had the opportunity to work in diverse roles - from university and employee relations to strategic human resources partner. A rewarding culture with respect and humility at the core, along with a committed focus on people development is what truly makes it a great place to work.

Gaurav Bhari

Right from my first interview, I knew working at The Smart Cube would be a great experience. I've grown immensely in my time here. To me, it's almost felt more like a managerial school than a business, because everyone I've dealt with has been so invested in my growth and development. Everyone puts quality and excellence first - it's an amazing culture to be a part of.

Andreea Topor