Where you and your work are appreciated.

Where you and your work are appreciated. 

We love working here, and we think you will too.

When you join The Smart Cube, you'll use your unique skills to identify insights for our clients. Through intense research and analysis, you'll provide the analytics that drive companies forward. And unlike working with a larger, more rigid employer, you'll collaborate closely with your team and share the accomplishment of creating truly unique solutions. You'll also work in a more exciting environment than you'll find almost anywhere else in the industry.

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We produce great work. We provide great rewards. 

At The Smart Cube, we believe people should be empowered to produce their best work — and be recognized when they do. That's why we have a less hierarchical structure than you will find working for most companies. Instead, we offer a flexible rewarding environment. 

As part of our team, you'll have more control of your schedule and career path. Our salary and bonus packages are competitive with — and often better than — the industry average. You will enjoy more control of your work environment, even working from home when possible. And, from small tokens of our appreciation to adventurous team-building expeditions, you will experience the benefits of a culture that's unparalleled in the industry.

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Work for the industry standard setter.

Working with us means producing impeccable research and analytics our clients cannot get anywhere else. Because we have higher standards, we're happy to offer a robust package of benefits and bonuses, and you'll have the opportunity to be promoted faster than your colleagues with other firms.

When you join The Smart Cube, you are joining an organization that wants to see you succeed. We believe in this so much that we take time to show appreciation to your family when you join ours, with a small gesture of gratitude. 

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“I have worked at a lot of different companies during my career, and there are not many that display the same spirit, determination and professionalism as The Smart Cube. Everyone is enthusiastic and committed and every day brings some new learnings and interactions.”

- Sue Hope, Vice President of Business Development in London

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