Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer Packaged Goods

As customers have access to an unprecedented number of choices — through a growing number of sales channels — establishing connect with them has become a complicated process. CPG businesses must meet customer demands in-store, online, and on-the-go. And with tastes constantly changing, getting ahead of market trends — and competitors — requires access to consistent data analytics. 

As the population grows and presents diverse needs, there are many growth opportunities for businesses that seek insights. Working with a team of researchers and analysts, CPG businesses can get the customized data analytics they need to continue meeting customer demands and succeed.

CPG businesses everywhere trust The Smart Cube’s analytics solutions.

How We Made a Difference 

Client: A leading beverage manufacturer and distributor.

Task: Assess the success of a marketing campaign run in the UK market.

Solution: We analyzed data to establish base sales for the product. Once the base was identified, we were able to pinpoint the impact of the campaign on overall sales — including attribution of growth to television versus social media. 

Result: The client was able to optimize the marketing mix of its product.

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“The study output is excellent, very well researched, presented and fully covers the scope. Please accept our highest appreciation for this great piece of work, well done!”

- Sourcing Lead (MEA), Leading Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

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