Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial services institutions are under tremendous amounts of regulatory pressure on account of the dynamic regulatory landscape. Customers are more diverse and technologically adept, and institutions must meet new demands to stay on top. The regulatory landscape is volatile and uncertain, and institutions are under constant scrutiny. And through all of this, financial institutions must remain as competitive as they always have been. 

A growing number of investment banks are relying on analysts to keep them apprised of investment opportunities. With insights customized to their needs, financial institutions are making smarter investment decisions, while complying with tightened regulations and facing fierce competition. 

Financial services businesses trust The Smart Cube to provide equity and credit research, and financial quantitative analysis.

How We Made a Difference 

Client: A large commodity broker.

Task: Support broker’s equity research team with a coverage of 200 stocks.

Solution: We put a team in place to build new models across eight super sectors. The models included five years of quarterly financials and three years of quarterly forecasts; assumptions were articulated clearly, to allow for easy modification by the client’s team based on final investment reviews.

Result: The client was able to overcome a resource gap for a time-sensitive request and gain access to analysts it needed to complete the required work.

The Smart Cube delivers financial services research and analysis to the world’s leading institutions to give them a competitive advantage.

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“Your analysis was clearly structured and the results were intuitive at both the micro and the macro level. The results also gave us profound insights into some of the financial issues we see in IT today. ”

- Head of Sourcing (IT), Global Top 10 Healthcare Company

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