Professional Services

Professional Services

With businesses pushing their teams to focus on core competencies, the need for professional services firms has never been greater. These players are no longer viewed as vendors that just help reduce costs; rather clients now rely on them to create new efficiencies. Consequently, professional services firms are now considered key partners in the organizations they work with.

With the increased partnership levels, businesses expect their professional service providers to have an insider’s knowledge of the industry. It is vital that these firms have access to in-depth research and analysis on their clients’ industries. In such a competitive environment, success will depend on always being up-to-date on the industries in which their clients operate.

The Smart Cube provides keen insights to professional services firms worldwide, serving a wide variety of industries. 

How We Made a Difference

Client: A financial consulting and venture capital firm.

Task: Predict portfolio performance and create a portfolio principal protection plan for a company involved in peer-to-peer lending.

Solution: We segmented the portfolio by risk exposure and analyzed each segment and the portfolio as a whole, to predict the probability of loss and develop a cash flow model.

Result: The client was able to calculate the required cash reserves, understand probability of loss and its impact for investors, as well as put in place appropriate insurance protections for the portfolio.

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