Commodity outlook 2024 – Exploring the impact of global events on supply, demand and prices

20 March 2024 15:00 to 20 March 2024 16:00

The commodities market has witnessed significant volatility in the past few years, leading to shifts in supply, demand and pricing dynamics. The disruptions caused by recent global events uncovered both opportunities and challenges which will shape the trajectory of various commodities. 

 Join us for an insightful hour-long webinar, where our Head of Commodity Intelligence, Hemant Bansal, along with our panel of commodity specialists – Anuj Madaan, Nishita Sharma and Anirban Basak – will delve into the details of how key global events impact the commodities landscape, including: 

  1. The potential effects of rising interest rates, fluctuations in the Dollar Index and the overall Economic Outlook (GDP) on the price outlook of metals 

  2. The consequences of the Red Sea crisis and Panama Canal Drought on ocean freight rates 

  3. An overview of China’s economic recovery and its impact on oil and resins under different growth scenarios 

Register now to learn more about the impact of global events on metals, oil, packaging and resins commodities.