Driving Successful Procurement Transformation: Uniting goals, digitalisation and talent

12 July 2023 21:00 to 12 July 2023 22:00

It’s easy to envisage the characteristics of a successful procurement function: one that is strategic, digitalised, value-focused, innovative, the list goes on. However, achieving all these desirables through practical transformation is much more complex. Most attempts will fail to tackle the ‘fundamentals’ well enough. A successful approach considers all aspects together, as a ‘system’ of sorts, and builds a coherent operating model that delivers the overarching procurement strategy.

In line with this, there are three fundamental concepts that must hold true when considering how to transform your function:

1. Clarity on Procurement’s goals in an organisation is paramount: what is the balance between cost, innovation, risk and stakeholder satisfaction?

2. Digital transformation is part and parcel of Procurement transformation – it is the enabler, whether you can make the entire investment today or not

3. Talent must be front and centre in the transformation agenda – if we don’t rethink our talent needs, we will not succeed.

During this webinar, we will explore and debate these three concepts and look at other ideas that are critical to the Procurement Transformation.