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Resolvr – A case study competition


At The Smart Cube we’re excited by new challenges and thrilled by new projects. We’re a team of smart and inspired individuals, who are passionate about what we do. There’s a real buzz everywhere you look.

Resolvr 2020 is now closed, see you next year! 

Free yourself from conventional thinking

We want the next generation to be bold and be brilliant. We want you to look at a problem and see unlimited potential. Resolvr – our competition for teams from graduate, engineering, MBA and postgraduate colleges – is the brainchild of this conviction.

What we do completely changes the way our clients make decisions, every day. We encourage new ideas and are continuously striving, evolving, and growing. Our pioneering approach and innovative thinking generates true insights. Yours can too.

Ready to push the boundaries?


Time to be different, to take risks and come up with something that challenges the status quo. But don’t stop there – validate it. Dig through the mountain to find the tiny piece of information that makes it all happen. Look through a different lens. And if it doesn’t work, start from a different place. Challenge yourself – and your thinking.

Hear from our team about what you gain from Resolvr and why we run it

Want to know more about Resolvr 2020?

  • Who is the Resolvr competition open to?
    • The competition is open to final year students of graduate, engineering, MBA and postgraduate colleges in India
    • Teams are welcome to participate in both Research, and Data Analytics case studies or can choose any one based on their preference
  • How does the competition work?

    The Resolvr competition comprises of following two rounds:

    • Case output submission
    • Live web presentation  
  • What is the registration process?
    • Teams can register for the competition via the Resolvr section of our careers page starting Thursday, 14th August – 11:00 hrs IST
    • Each team will comprise of 4 participants from the same institute with one single point of contact
    • During registrations, the teams are requested to submit a soft copy of the college ID cards in the form of an image (file type: .jpg) – teams not submitting these will be disqualified
    • Once the team registers an automated email will be sent to the SPOC with their login ID and password for accessing the Resolvr portal
    • Using the login details, the team can view the case study and upload the final output
  • How do I submit our team presentation?
    • Teams will have to submit the case solution in an MS PowerPoint presentation (file size limit – 5 MB), comprising up to eight slides (including illustrations and excluding table of contents, bibliography, cover page, and end page) by September 21 (23:59 IST)
    • Final output should be uploaded to the Resolvr portal which can be accessed via the Resolvr section of our careers page
    • The following format needs to be followed for the filename for the case study competition:

    Research <College Name> <Team Name> <ddmmyy>

    DA <College Name> <Team Name> <ddmmyy>

    For instance if IIM, Lucknow is the name of the college and Analytical Swords is the name of the team; the team submitted the output for Research case study, on the 19/09/20, the file would be called Research – IIM, Lucknow – Analytical Swords – 190920

    • The following formatting and language guidelines need to be kept in mind:
      • Font style should be Calibri
      • Language should be UK English
      • Teams are free to use any font size, colour, and line spacing
    • Please follow these guidelines for the MS PowerPoint presentation:
      • The first slide of the presentation must comprise an executive summary of the solution suggested by the team; this should be limited to one slide
      • The next 7 slides of the presentation should capture the actual solution and analysis presented by the teams
      • Bibliography should be limited to 1 slide
    • There is no predetermined structure to analyse the case; participants are free to use any framework/ data analytics tool that best illustrates and provides convincing arguments to support their solutions
    • Participants are free to use charts, graphs, tables, etc.
    • The end slide of the document should have the names of all four participants, along with their college registration/roll numbers and CGPAs/Percentage (as per the latest available semester)
    • The participants must make appropriate references to the sources of information and data on every slide
  • How are the case studies judged?

    Case presentations will be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Originality, creativity, and uniqueness of the idea (highest weightage)
    • Implementation scope, scale, and sustainability of the idea
    • The idea’s alignment with the company’s vision and the manner in which it can leverage the company’s strengths (“company” here refers to the company in the case; not The Smart Cube)
    • Thoroughness of research and analysis to defend the viability and execution of the idea
    • Parameters such as structuring of information in slides; language will also be assessed
    • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; any team found to be plagiarising will be disqualified

    The top 5 shortlisted teams in both the categories across colleges will be required to present the final output to the panel via video conferencing

  • What happens if we are shortlisted?
    • Selected teams will be contacted via email by The Smart Cube’s University Relations team
    • They will be required to present their case output via Google Hangouts
    • While The Smart Cube can provide their login details, the respective teams will have to share their own Google Hangouts login details
    • The Smart Cube’s University Relations team will connect with the shortlisted teams to schedule this based on the team’s availability
  • What do the winning teams win?

    The winners will be given the following rewards:

    • First position: INR 24,000
    • Second position: INR 16,000
    • Third position: INR 10,000

    In addition, the top three teams selected by the panel will be offered a preplacement interview by The Smart Cube

    Final results will be announced on November 02 at 20:00 Hrs IST on The Smart Cube’s Facebook and LinkedIn Pages; winners will be contacted via email.

    For any queries on the case study or the profile of the analysts The Smart Cube is looking at, please reach out to, with the subject ‘Resolvr Case Study Competition’.