The Smart Cube and Quant Insight Launch a New Web-based Investment Analytics Solution


LONDON – 20 May 2015: The Smart Cube, a global professional services firm specializing in custom research and analytics, today announced that it has formed Quant Insight (QI), a research company that innovatively relates macroeconomics to financial markets, as a joint venture with a group of accomplished financial and investment experts. Quant Insight has
developed and launched a new investment product in the financial technology space that is focused on becoming an essential step in asset managers’ investment process.

The new Quant Insight System is designed to help investors better understand the macro factors driving any given security. The product has the capability to analyse more than 2,500 securities daily and provide in-depth insight and analysis into the sensitivity of each security to a host of macro factors. The results are more informed, data-driven decisions resulting in optimal trades, reduced trade selection errors and substantially improved trading efficiency.

The solution’s development team consists of highly accomplished experts from The Smart Cube and the investment industry with over three decades of combined experience both in quantitative research and managing money for firms such as Fidelity, MS, Citi, UBS and Millennium. The team’s goal was to create a cutting-edge quantitative analytics research solution for investment firms and financial institutions, which would offer the following benefits:

  • Provide an affordable and cost-effective, web-based solution at a fraction of the cost than if they were to develop their own solution in-house.
  • Help financial executives improve efficiency and make smarter trades while reducing costly trade errors.
  • Create a consistent framework for understanding what is going on under the surface of an increasing complex and changing financial market.

“We are proud of this new research offering as it truly meets a critical market need. Through QI, we provide a solution that helps investment professionals globally make more accurate, fact-based, risk assessed decisions to ensure they obtain optimal outcomes. This is a win-win solution for them, their customers and the industry as a whole,” said Gautam Singh, The Smart Cube’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Financial markets have become overwhelmingly complex with linkages across asset classes and geographies. The increase in the scale and scope of available data makes it imperative for market participants to leverage quantitative analysis and computing power in order to understand market drivers. QI brings mathematical rigour and fact based insights to understand macro market regimes and turn hard researched views into successful trades,” said Quant Insight’s CEO Krishnan Sadasivam.