The Smart Cube launches Smart Fleet, giving fleet managers better supplier choices


Enhanced data visibility enables fleet managers to diversify supplier relationships and reduce total cost of ownership

LONDON – APRIL 24 2017: The Smart Cube, an award-winning global analytics and research company, has launched Smart Fleet, a new product for fleet managers that will transform how they manage their fleets and engage with suppliers. Businesses today typically use multiple fleet suppliers, all providing different reporting data, in diverse formats, with
varying levels of accuracy. As a result, many fleet managers still use manual spreadsheets for their day-jobs, which can be unreliable and time-consuming to maintain and offer inflexible and limited reporting. Increasing expectations from senior executives for data to be presented in a visually appealing format puts further pressure on fleet managers.

For the first time, Smart Fleet enables a centralised view of a company’s vehicle fleet, irrespective of the number of suppliers and supports better decision making with comprehensive visualization, analysis and reporting tools. Hosted in the cloud, the platform draws together multiple data sources to provide a singular view, giving fleet managers improved visibility of key metrics such as CO2 emissions and average fuel consumption (AFC). 

“Fleet managers need a variety of information such as total cost of ownership, maintenance records, lease details, current driver details and CO2 emissions to make the most strategic and cost-effective decisions for their business,” said Joe LaRosa, CPA, MBA, Global Fleet and Business Consultant. “With the average firm using at least three suppliers, collecting, standardising, cleansing and visualising of data has become a full time job. Smart Fleet eradicates these challenges, allowing fleet managers to work with as many suppliers as they choose, without worrying about how to consolidate reporting data.”

Smart Fleet eliminates the burden of maintaining spreadsheets or aging systems with an agile solution that delivers relevant, up-do-date information. The system provides automated data cleansing and error identification to ensure data accuracy, as well as comprehensive visualisation and analysis tools. Smart Fleet users have seen up to 80% reduction in time spent on data management, allowing them to focus on value creation and driving better business performance.

“To make the best commercial decisions for their business, fleet managers require holistic information on the overall fleet available to them,” said Jeremy Weil, Chief Product Officer at The Smart Cube. “Smart Fleet uses the latest data visualisation techniques and cloud-based technology to ensure all information is instantly and easily accessible.”

The Smart Cube has a long history of servicing procurement departments and identified the challenge that fleet managers face in juggling multiple suppliers. Smart Fleet is the first SaaS product launched by The Smart Cube since it announced its plan to develop new scalable solutions to extend the company’s existing service lines late last year. It aligns with the company’s commitment to provide clients with ongoing technological transformation and innovation.

By automating existing business processes and providing critical analytics and insights, clients can more effectively utilize data and make better business decisions. Smart Fleet is offered on a SaaS basis and is ideal for organisations running fleets of more than 500 vehicles. It is now available across the US, UK and Europe.