Translating the latest breakthroughs in deep learning into applied AI use cases


London, 11 February 2021:  The Smart Cube, a global provider of strategic research and analytics solutions, has today unveiled its AI Lab – an innovative new experimentation environment designed to turn the latest advances in AI techniques into actionable business applications.

The idea stemmed from the company seeing many of its global clients challenged with the opportunities offered by advances in AI and its application to business, including where, when, and how to apply AI techniques.

Established internally in June 2020, The Smart Cube’s AI Lab is filling the gap in the AI puzzle by translating new models, theories and frameworks into business-ready applied AI use cases.

In order to experiment with the latest deep learning architectures, and to test their practical business applications, AI Lab is focused on deploying algorithms to help machines process and understand unstructured data, and providing decision support through predictive analytics.

Through principles of agile execution, new experiments are onboarded and implemented in 3-4 week sprints. The first wave of AI Lab activity has been focused on language, covering a range of NLP tasks, such as text classification, matching and summarisation, with four experiments completed to date. 

Future areas of focus will include:

  • Vision – using the latest deep learning applications in computer vision to process, decode and analyse all formats of image and video data
  • Machine sensors/IoT – finding hidden patterns in machine data to improve performance and predict outcomes

Gautam Singh, CEO, The Smart Cube, commented: From our work with global clients across multiple sectors, we see a growing demand to embrace the potential of AI. However the big challenge remains in translating ongoing developments and breakthroughs into practical business applications. That’s where AI Lab comes in – and the first four experiment executions have validated our approach.”

Sudeepta Chaudhuri, Global Head of Analytics, The Smart Cube, commented: “We targeted our initial experiment work on language, because it offers such a wide scope of business applications, from consumer sentiment analysis to automated product and competitor research, to supplier risk assessment and category market insights. I am excited to lead the team onto new areas of focus, and to work with my colleagues to pull in practical business and customer use cases.”


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