Energy and Chemicals

The future is here. Can you keep pace? With ongoing transformation predicted for decades to come, we’ll help you stay ahead.

Today’s volatile climate

Faced with an unprecedented mix of challenges – from managing revenue downturn to production optimisation – the Energy and Chemicals sector demands ever greater innovation. Today’s leaders are under pressure to unlock and deliver more value while adapting to a shifting and dynamic macro environment.


Wrestling with commodity price volatility is one thing. Doing it while managing supply continuity and navigating uncertainties in the global economy is quite another. At The Smart Cube, we understand process industries and the implications for supply chains and procurement.


Ensuring visibility. Enhancing value.

To us, effective supply chain management means more than cost-saving. We build and strengthen your agility and flexibility to navigate dynamic and unpredictable macro challenges.

To make it happen, we integrate market intelligence and deep insights into production and sales data, with demand planning and supplier management.

Delivering Intelligence. Accelerated

We are working with leading procurement functions around the world to apply data science and advanced analytics to key procurement processes. Our work is enabling an intelligence-led approach in some of the largest Fortune 100 companies.

How we make it happen

We’re customised to you – integrated into your business and focused on your challenges with a powerful fusion of industry knowledge, talent and technology. Operating at the heart of your team, we’re practical and connected; helping you with the heavy lifting so you can deliver more.

Category Excellence

Aligned to your category teams, we bring rigour and acceleration to category management, helping you identify and leverage value.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Understand, map and connect disparate data to unearth opportunities to optimise, strengthen and enforce decisions across your supply chain.

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Commodity Volatility

Manage your exposure to commodity price risk. Our leading-edge solution provides frontline support so you can plan your budget and drive cost avoidance.

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Supplier Engagement

This analytically driven solution combines cognitive intelligence tools with specialist analysts to provide a practical answer to tracking, managing and improving supplier and supply chain performance.

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