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Helping procurement teams address the challenges of a disruptive year

  • Jenny Rushforth
    December 31, 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for procurement, with businesses across all industries deeply affected by the pandemic and the ensuing supply chain disruption.

As a trusted business partner to leading companies around the world, we saw an increase in demand for support from many of our clients. Here’s a round-up of how we worked closely with them, as well as continuing to help the wider procurement community by providing free intelligence and valuable resources. 

Helping Nomad Foods begin a procurement transformation with an intelligence-led strategy

The Smart Cube has been Nomad Foods’ procurement intelligence and analytics partner for more than six years. We leverage a combination of full-time onsite personnel and an offshore team, and our custom solutions to provide Nomad with actionable insights to support strategic, data-driven decisions about its supply chains, purchasing choices and wider operations. Read more in this case study: European market leader Nomad Foods begins a procurement transformation with an intelligence-led strategy

In this Inside Procurement episode, our MD Omer Abdullah interviews Stuart Caborn, Chief Procurement Officer, Nomad Foods, covering how he created and implemented a new intelligence-led procurement strategy during a time of unprecedented disruption, to building a stronger, more valuable procurement function.

Helping the global procurement community access robust market intelligence

Never before has access to robust market intelligence been more critical. In May, we opened up Amplifi PRO, our on-demand digital procurement intelligence platform, to the worldwide procurement community on a freemium basis. This enables companies of all sizes to easily and instantly access essential procurement intelligence, related category resources and useful decision-making tools, to help them prepare for the medium and longer-terms following a period of major supply chain disruptions. Read more here.

In a report published this year, Spend Matters provided its views on how our Category Intelligence solution helps businesses cut through the noise: “For a purpose-built solution that supports a hybrid vision of cross-category data coverage with supporting services and analysis, The Smart Cube’s Category Intelligence solution provides a convincing approach. The solution empowers clients with contextualised, actionable category data and insights to help them deliver value from their category management strategies.” Read the full report: Finding the Category Intelligence you need amid all the noise

A 100-day framework for procurement in the COVID-19 era

To help procurement leaders think strategically again and begin building and implementing concrete plans to adapt to the ‘new normal’, in June we launched a new 100-day framework containing five strategic priorities, and key questions to help make the right decisions. Read more in this article by Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Representation of COVID 19 virus

Progressing the digital procurement agenda with market intelligence

The full potential of digital procurement will be enabled by better insights, which demands more robust, reliable market intelligence. In this white paper, we dive deep into why procurement teams need to evolve their approach to market intelligence alongside digital procurement, and offer practical advice to help them weave market intelligence into their strategies. Download the complete white paper here: Put Market Intelligence at the heart of your digital procurement strategy

Putting sustainability at the top of the agenda

How to achieve improvements in value-based purchasing decisions is a question on the mind of many CPOs? Watch a recording of our webinar, where the panel comprising Graham Crawshaw (CASME), Thomas Udesen (Bayer) and Bertrand Conquerot (Henkel), hosted by our MD Omer Abdullah, discussed how procurement professionals can be an agent of change in their own organisations: How Procurement can unlock our sustainable future

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Getting more value out of procurement data

Today’s CPOs are under immense pressure to deliver greater strategic value to the business. They are expected to identify and mitigate risks in the supply chain; drive ethical and sustainable sourcing practices; improve the efficiency of production; ensure the quality of products; and contribute significantly to innovating new products and processes. In this blog, we look at why analytics hold the key to their success: 3 data-driven steps to strategic procurement

Supercharging supplier risk management to address volatility

From the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, to the ongoing volatile trade and tariff situations with the US, China and beyond, global supply chains are experiencing unprecedented volatility. A structured approach to risk monitoring can radically improve third-party supplier risk management and help procurement teams weather the storms. In this blog, we explain how and why: Supercharge your supplier risk management with a mix of risk expertise, analytics and AI

Boosting transportation management with analytics 

With numerous complexities, high costs and even higher expectations, transportation management can be a bumpy ride. The additional volatility in uncertain times like these makes the job even more challenging. In this blog we cover three ways to make things easier: 3 key areas of a data-driven transportation strategy 

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For more insights into the latest Procurement trends, visit our blog. If you’d like assistance with your Procurement activities in the coming year, please get in touch and talk to one of our experts.