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Risk and Your Supply Chain Published Today

Posted by: 
Subash Chandar and Omer Abdullah
 | May 2021

Today we have announced the release of a new book, “Risk and Your Supply Chain: Preparing for the Next Global Crisis,” authored by our Co-Founder Omer Abdullah and Vice President Subash Chandar.

The book re-examines the fundamentals of risk management through the lens of today’s complex, global supply chains, sharing valuable lessons and insights from two decades of crisis management to help prepare for whatever tomorrow brings. “From natural disasters and geopolitical shifts, to climate change and unprecedented pandemics, global crisis events are becoming more frequent — and our supply chains are more exposed to them than ever,” said Omer Abdullah. “We wrote this book to help procurement and supply chain leaders understand practical ways to safeguard against these unpredictable and damaging events.”

Co-authored by: Subash Chandar and Omer Abdullah